The Problem with Books

Have you ever loved a book so much that you can’t put it down, and then get sad when it’s almost over?

Two nights ago, I started reading “Where We Belong”, by the fantastic Emily Giffin.  I’ve struggled to hold myself back from reading it too quickly, but it’s just too good to put down.


If you need a book recommendation, see above.  :)

How Amazon Made Right (Kinda)

Remember when I said my Kindle broke this past weekend?  I got my replacement today!

While we were on our honeymoon in November, my Kindle unexpectedly froze and stopped working.  Luckily, it was still under warranty, so Amazon replaced it with no problem.  I’ve had my replacement for four months, and on Friday night, it did the same thing as it did in November.  Screen froze, books weren’t accessible and it was dunzo.  Sad face.


As an avid reader, I feel like my Kindle is an extension of my right arm, so you can imagine how ticked off I was by this development.  I called them on Saturday expecting for it to be replaced with no problem, just like before (same problem, you’d think same resolution), but no, I hit a massive road block called “OUT OF WARRANTY.”

My frustration of not being able to finish the last book in the Hunger Games series (blasphemy!!!) hit a fever pitch, and after over an hour on the phone and speaking with three different people, I had an option:  Buy a new Kindle for $6 cheaper than offered on the website.  What the what?!

You guys, I caved.  I caved and bought a replacement because I couldn’t imagine not being able to read (seriously, these are the problems I’m dealing with in my life) the Hunter Games my books.  I bought the newish Kindle for $59, they shipped it overnight for free and it arrived today.  I’m not sure how I feel yet about the size difference (slightly afraid I’m going to drop it or my thumbs will accidentally hit the “next page” before I’m ready – I need to slow my roll give it some time before I can make a decision), but we’ll see.


So far, I don’t know what to think.  The new one holds less books (not that I’d ever have 1,500 books on it anyway, but it’s the principal!!), has a smaller screen, shorter battery life (only a month, pshhhhh), and I have that 5-way controller to deal with.  Everything I read just tells me to plug in the Kindle, download via amazon and ignore the controller all together.

I was still totally pissed off that I had to shell out any money kind of blah about all of this until a note I sent to Amazon expressing my displeasure received a response.  They’re giving me $30 off, so I’ve now gotten my new Kindle for $29.  Can I complain at this point?  Not really.  I mean, I still think I shouldn’t have had to pay anything in the first place because the product is clearly defective, but, Amazon did meet me more than halfway, so I should just shut my face and be grateful that they responded at all.   I have a new Kindle, the extension to my right arm has been restored, and all is right in the world.

FMM: Bookworm!

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FMM: Bookworms (Revisited) 

  1. How often do you read for pleasure?  I read every night.  It’s something I’ve literally done my entire life and it’s one of my favorite parts of the day.
  2. Are you currently reading a book?  If so, which one?  I just finished “I’ve Got Your Number,” by Sophie Kinsella and just started reading “the Hunger Games.”  I’m already halfway done with “the Hunger Games” and it’s sooooooooooooo good.
  3. Do you subscribe to any magazines and/or newspapers?  I get US weekly.  It’s a guilty pleasure, don’t judge me.  :)
  4. Do you prefer reading traditional books or using an e-reader?  It depends.  I generally buy my books on Kindle, but if it’s a book I especially love, I’ll buy the actual book with pages and everything.
  5. How often do you go to the bookstore?  Rarely.
  6. Do you read at the gym? No, it makes me dizzy.  I can’t even flip through magazines while working out.
  7. Have you ever been a member of a book club?  No.
  8. Do you wear glasses when you read? I have reading glasses but I never wear them.
  9. Has anyone read the Hunger Games?  I can  not get through it fast enough.  It’s so, so, so good!!
  10. What is your favorite thing about reading?  It’s a great way for me to unwind and relax.  I like that I get to go into a new world when I pick up a book – it’s so fun.  :)

Now it’s your turn! Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments!  Happy Monday!

Book Selection: A Stolen Life

I don’t like it when I pick up a book and find it so scary that it can’t possibly be true.  Last night, I started reading “A Stolen Life, by Jaycee Dugard and I immediately felt as though the Boogeyman really does exist.  I’ve read all kinds of memoirs including Helter Skelter (the Charles Manson stories,though it took me about 3 times to read it, including one  instance of throwing the book across the room in a fit of fear, but I got through it) and I’ve made it through them all.  What’s so horrifying about this book is that it’s the story of a child who endures the unbelievable, and I’m only on chapter two and completely freaked out.

Around midnight last night, we were dead asleep when Hunter began barking wildly.  It’s not really like him to bark furiously in the middle of the night, so Chris flew out of bed to investigate a potential noise.  I immediately awoke to the thought of the Boogeyman trying to get into the house and get us.  When Chris made sure everything was clear, he got back in bed and I plastered myself to him hoping my brain would slow down and the fear would disappear.  It took an hour, but eventually, I settled back into a calm sleep.  It’s amazing how our brains work I tell you.

I’m still intrigued by this book and I’m going to finish it, mostly because I know the outcome.  A young girl survives the unimaginable and comes out of it filled with love and hope and that gives me some peace of mind.  Also, I feel like I’m going to learn something from this book:  That no matter what life throws at you, you can survive.

The New Book List

I am VERY excited because I have new BOOKS to read!!!  I’ve been trying to save money lately, so I’ve been re-reading old books (god knows I have enough to choose from), but I have been dying for some new reading material. 

Well, thanks to my BFF and her belated graduation gift to me, I was able to download EIGHT new books on my Kindle today!  I can not WAIT to dive in!

And now….THE LIST!

My friend, Niki recommnended the book Bonk:  The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex.  I love a good non fiction read that is interesting and the author has really good reviews on all of her books, so this should be a good one. 

Up next is one of my favorite authors, Meg Cabbot.  I’ve read a lot of her stuff and have heard about the “Babble” series and finally decided to try it out since it seems like some light, fun reading. 

I picked The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo because it’s been near the top of the New York Times Bestseller List for quite some time, and I hear they’re making a movie, so it must be good.  It’s a jump from the genre I usually read, but hopefully it’s as good as I’ve heard.

I’m really excited to read The Business of Happiness.  I’ve grown to love Ted Leonsis by proxy of being a Capitals fan.  I’m an avid reader of his blog ( and find his thought process fascinating.  I think this book will not only be entertaining, but will also give good advice from such a successful person in not only business, but life as well.

Speaking of Ted Leonsis, he recommended the book, The Wave on his blog recently and after reading his review, I knew I had to have it.  As someone who fears the ocean and it’s power, I’m hoping that this book will give me some understanding as to how things happen in the sea as well as provide some interesting stories.  I hope Ted keeps suggesting books because what’s he has suggested so far all seems really great.

A few years back, I read Tucker Max’s book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and nearly peed my pants with laughter.  I think the guy is the biggest toolbag on the planet, but his stories are to-die-for hilarious.  I can’t wait to read Assholes Finish First just for pure entertainment.

Three words:  I LOVE HER.  I read both of Chelsea Handler’s books when we took a cruise a few years back and I’ve been hoping she would write another book because she’s HILARIOUS.  I plan on starting this book first thing Saturday morning when we hit the beach.

I loved The Devil Wears Prada and Everyone Worth Knowing, so it’s no surprise that I want to read Lauren Weisberger’s new book, Last Night at the Chateau Marmont.  

Another fun read is anything by Tori Spelling.  I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed her first two books and I’m looking forward to her new one, Unchartered Territori

Yay for new books!!  These oughta last me a few months!