Stuff I Liked this Week

Did you guys see the flying rainbow?

Just when I thought beluga whales couldn’t get any cuter.

How to ruin a douchebag’s day.

I tried to see Venus transit the sun.  I failed because I nearly went blind.

It’s imminent. Something is happening soon.

Not sure how I feel about this yet.

Oh wow, 24 hours on an aircraft carrier

Linkin Park covers Adele.

Funny Things to Pick You Up

If you live in DC, or have ever visited, go here.

50 People You Wish You Knew in Real Life

If you are a human being, go here.

Here are 13 Steps to Get Through a Rough Day

I haven’t even seen Star Wars, but this is funny

These people will kill you in Draw Something

Seriously, who creates a spreadsheet for their dating life?

Fun. “We Aren’t Young Parody”

You are so welcome.  :)

Best Conversation Ever

This just happened:

Natalie:  blah blah blah
Jamie:   channeling kesha now?
Natalie:  oh
Natalie:  maybe
Natalie:  im dancing like im dumb, so….yes.
Jamie:  excellent
Jamie:  the real question is….do you have jesus on your neck a lace lace lace
Natalie:  yes, and stockings ripped all up the side, obviously.
Jamie:  you look good
Natalie:  and dirty.
Jamie:  thats a given
Jamie:  so michael and i were talking, and we decided to blame our sicknesses on Kesha
Jamie:  since we were breathing the same air as her
Natalie:  you probably should
Jamie:  im sure she contaminated it
Natalie:  she’s like the walking version of hepatitis C
Natalie:  she’s what i imagine the bacteria to look like in person.
Natalie:  under a microscope.
Jamie:  you look under a microscope and see a ton of dancing keshas
Jamie:  i love it
Natalie:  exactly
Natalie:  bacterial keshas
Jamie:  throwing glitter in the air
Natalie:  and mascara running down their faces
Jamie:  yessss
Jamie:  im pretty sure thats what my flu test results looked like
Natalie:  exactly
Jamie:  best convo ever