A380 = Love

Everyone has a “thing” right?  My thing is airplanes and I have no idea why.  Maybe it’s the sheer power that they possess.  Or the fact that something that big and heavy can somehow fly across the world.  Whatever the case, I love watching airplanes up close and personal and would consider it one of those weird things about myself.

A few weeks ago, Chris and I were driving near Dulles airport, when over the trees, an enormous, larger than life airplane appeared above us.

“It’s the A380!” Chris exclaimed.

“No way!!!” I yelled (he hates when I yell in the car, but I did it anyway)

I didn’t know the 380 was actually a passenger jet already!  I remember a few years ago my BFF calling me from LA where she worked at the time telling me that it had just flown over her for its first landing while it was still in testing.  At that point, I didn’t understand the magnitude of the plane  and it’s size, but have since watched a documentary (nerd!!) about it and can really “grasp” just how awesome it is.  The science that went into the design is completely fascinating.

As we watched it fly above us we were silent, just staring.  It was so big that it just kind of hung there, slowly climbing, foot by foot.  I can’t even compare it to anything I’ve seen, it’s something you have to see for yourself to comprehend.  It’s amazing.

A380 during testing before it was released as a commercial aircraft.

Ever since it suddenly appeared over us that day and I realized it was a regularly flying plane, I’ve been trying to figure out a time and place to actually go watch it at Dulles.  It takes off and lands at 1pm and 5pm respectively each day, so I really want to go and be prepared to see it in all it’s glory one of these days. (Twice a day on Air France, not sure if Emirates has a 380 at Dulles yet, but if so, that doubles my viewing chances!)

There aren’t many airlines who currently have it in service, but I imagine Chris and I taking a trip on it one day, with the airplane being the highlight of the trip.  Imagine – a trip to Paris, Singapore or Sydney on the worlds largest airliner.  How amazing would that be?   I asked Chris if he thought people flew to random destinations just to fly on the plane and he looked at me and said “Uh, yeah!!”

Current airlines with A380 in service. I'd take any of them!



Nice engines.

I’ve been begging Chris for the last two weeks to take me to the roof of the parking deck at Dulles to see it take off, but we’ve been so busy between work and wedding planning that we haven’t had any time.

Today, I was driving home from the mall (near Dulles) but it was after 2pm so I wasn’t looking into the sky like I do if it’s closer to 1pm, but then, I heard it.  We had just had a torrential downpour and nasty storm and out of the clouds, the A380 was just above me.  It’s four engines were the dead give away (not to mention its football field wingspan), and it took all of me to not pull over on route 7 to jump out of my car and marvel at it.

Thanks to driving and a wet windshield, I got the worlds worst picture of the damn thing.  This picture is totally anticlimactic and I don’t blame you if you think I’m a complete idiot for being infatuated by such a thing.

A380 in person!

I was about five miles from Dulles, so that’s why it’s still fairly high up, but it’s freaking enormous.  Someone explain to me how that can fly!

I still plan on an afternoon on the roof of the parking deck to see it take off or land because I think it’d be pretty rad to see it up close and personal.  I also realize that this entire blog makes me look like a total freakshow, but you all can suck it.  I love airplanes, and I especially love the A380.

Blossoms in Bloom

The cherry blossoms are here!  This morning, I was driving to work, and through the misty sunrise, I spotted a blast of color off to my left in a park adjacent to our building.  It couldn’t be!  Not already!  I nearly slammed on my breaks and gave myself whiplash, but indeed, the blossoms have  begun to bloom! 

Anyone that knows me knows that I love the cherry blossoms.  I love them so much I even have them tattooed on my foot.

The DC area is the closest thing I have to “home,” so that tattoo represents my connection to the area as well as the beauty of the blossom.

I was talking to my friend yesterday about how much I love this time of year because it reminds me of how precious life is.  The blossoms are delicate flowers that only bloom once a year and only for a trememendously short period of time.  They burst onto the scene and just as quickly, they die, not to come back for another 365 days.  It just makes me appreciate the little things in life that are so pretty, even if only temporaraily.

Cherry Blossoms in my parents front yard.

The peak bloom is supposed to occur between March 30th and April 3rd, so Chris and I are planning on going downtown on the weekend of the 3rd to check them out.   We didn’t go last year, but we did drive by after a Nats game, and there were masses of people everywhere.  Maybe I can convince him to go early in the morning to avoid the crowds so that we can appreciate the prettiness without being shoved around with thousands of other tourists.

Spring has sprung.  Happy.

Long Live the Written Word

I’ve been a reader my entire life.  Growing up, our Saturday tradition was that my mom and I would go to the local library and check out the maximum five books.  I started my first journal when I was seven and have loved words, their meaning and the emotions they convey ever since.

I have quite a collection of books, but my life changed in 2008 when I got an E-Reader called a Kindle.  The Kindle is perfect for my need of instant gratification, as it delivers books to me in under 30 seconds.  I’ve been reading on my Kindle ever since I received it, and have hardly bought a “real live” book in the years since.

For my birthday, the lovely ladies in my office gave me a Barnes and Noble gift certificate, as they know how much I enjoy reading.  I’ve been holding onto the gift card for two months now, because I wasn’t really sure what to buy.

So on this lazy, Sunday morning, I slipped into my flip flops and made my way to my local Barnes & Noble.  I instantly found myself sucked into the aisles of books and I was nostalgic for the paper and the words that filled the brightly shining covers.  I must have spent at least an hour running my fingers across the spines of the books, scanning pages, and excitably reading beginnings of endless novels.

I left with two new books and beautiful stationary and the desire to go back.  While my Kindle is wonderful, there really is nothing better than a brand new book that I can actually touch, feel and smell.

Long live the written word.


I’ve been reading books by Meg Cabot for a few years now, but only recently did I realize just how much I love her books!  They are light and easy to read and are fun all around.  Two of the books I’ve read were chick lit, (and really good!)  but the most recent one I’ve read is chick lit with an action twist.  I couldn’t put it down.  :)

The chick lit with an action twist read!

Chick lit with an action twist.




Cabot is most famous for writing The Princess Diaries, and the many princess books that followed, but she has written a ton of other things.  I love her style, I love her stories, and I think that if you’re literate, you should check her out.