Week One: Raleigh

I think second to our wedding, we have likely had the most eventful week in our marriage.  Ahhh, it feels so great!!!

I started my job and L-O-V-E it.  I even said to Chris at one point today, “is it weird that I’m looking forward to going to work on Monday?”  I love what I’m doing, my 10-minute commute is amazing, my coworkers are great and I love having an office.  :)

We’ve had some amazing food this week, too.  We’re getting back into cooking and being healthier tomorrow, but we’ve just enjoyed immersing ourselves into the southern culture and I’m not going to lie, it’s been a tasty few days. I think our favorite spot was The Pit, famous Carolina BBQ.  It’s definitely a place we want to take our friends and family when they come to visit.

We also went to the Mellow Mushroom which we’ll definitely visit again.  The warm pretzels were delish!

Everyday, we’re getting more and more settled in the house, and I’m hoping by tomorrow we’ll have a fully stocked fridge and a finished house.  Check out the kitchen…we love it!

This morning, we took Hunter to an area dog park.  We love taking him to the dog park so he can run around and socialize with other dogs, but it’s unfortunate that his brain never tells him when enough is enough.  After 30 minutes we have to drag him out of the park on a leash before he passes out from exhaustion.  Today was no exception.  He has so much fun, but he can never just chill – he always has to be in the thick of the action, but it’s still fun.  We really liked this park (much larger than the one we used to go to in Virginia), but I’m not sure we’d go back.  It was about a 20 minute drive which seems a bit far – I need to do some more research to find a park a little closer to the house.  There is a great one very close to our house, but you have to pay a $40 annual membership and I don’t know about that.  We’ll see what happens.

After the adventures at the dog park, we finally got around to getting Hunter a new bed, but then this happened:

Yeah, I don’t know.  In the two years Delilah and Hunter have lived together, she has never expressed any interest in his bed, but today, she was all over it.  It’s been a few hours now, and Hunter has happily taken over, so all is right in the world again.  :)

Oh yeah, what else happened this week?  We put our house up for sale on Tuesday and received an offer on Thursday.  TWO DAYS Y’ALL!!  We accepted the offer and are officially under contract!!  So, so, so exciting and I can’t tell you how effing relieved we are.  I swear two days must be some kind of record – we are so excited and have our fingers and toes crossed that all goes smoothly in the next 30 days til closing!

Chris is serious about getting back into coaching swimming and has already been contacted by five swimming teams for either head or assistant coach positions.  Hellooooo, options!  I’m so proud of him for following his passion.  So, so proud.

My friend Emily said it best, it’s really like all of the stars have aligned for this move and life is pretty freaking good right now.  :)

Out With the Old and In With the New…..J-O-B!

I’m excited, y’all – I can finally go public and say “I got a new job!!!”  Hooooray for career growth!

I have accepted a job with a new company and will be leaving my current job next week to become a Human Resources Coordinator.  I am so thrilled with the opportunity because it’s going to allow me to take those great next steps in my career.  The new job is HR focused, it will allow me to use my existing skill set as well as challenge me and allow me to learn new things.  The office is about 15 miles closer to my house (with gas prices these days, that’s fantastic), it’s a pay increase (woot, woot), the benefits are amazing, and it’s a job I really want to do.  The department is about 8 people which allows for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where the dynamic appears to be great, so that’s also a big plus.  My last day with my current company is next Thursday and I’ll start my new job the following Monday.

One of the goals that I set for myself to begin by years end is to start taking classes to get my PHR (Professional of Human Resources) which is a certification that not only educates, but also makes HR professionals much more marketable.  Taking this job really puts me into a position to start working on that in the fall (hello, tuition reimbursement!) and hopefully be certified by this time next year.

The numerous conversations I’ve had with the company has also given me great hope that this will be a place that I can grow and develop into the HR professional that I strive to be, and that makes me incredibly happy.

I’m so excited to take this next step in my career and I can’t wait to get started.