WISTW – Belated Edition

I was at the beach on my usual posting day for “what I saw this week,” so I’m a little late on this post.  Oh well, just more pictures to share!  Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!

Grilling friends.

Local bakery of yummy.

Kitty in the closet.

Future brother and sister-in-law silliness.

Want and need.

Gin Rummy loser.

School is back in session. Hooray for the gazillion school busses on the road.

Ocean City from the Bay.

Hell on earth really is Wal-Mart.

What I Saw This Week 8.26.11

Hunter at the vet - Check out those 95 pounds!

Sunrise through the trees.

Plane landing at Dulles at dusk.

Sunny cat.

Company picnic.

Freaky ass birds!

Wedding gifts are starting to arrive!

That was fun!

Another member of our family had fun too!

Foggy Friday morning

My beautiful bridal shower invite! (sorry for the black lines all over the place, don't really want the whole world knowing all of the details)

Happy weekend!

WISTW – 8.19.11




Apparently running into this while shopping is normal.

Nice commute. Gag.

Found this little guy chillin' dead on my dashboard when I jumped into my car to run errands this afternoon. I'm glad he was dead when I found him because if he jumped on me while I was driving, the chances that I would have crashed and totaled my car are pretty high. Sorry you suffocated in my car buddy, but I'm glad you didn't cause me to have an accident.

Bringin’ It Back!

I’m bringing back “What I saw this week,” ya’ll!  After contemplating bringing this back for a few weeks, my friend Lindsey not to subtly encouraged me to get on it again, and so I am!  I don’t have that much for this week, but here we go!

Carwash creepiness!

Alexandria sunset.

Hole in the wall!

Replacement for the hole in the wall. Hooray!

New door is almost finished and it's beautiful. Love the blinds inside the glass!


During our site visit and planning meeting at the wedding venue, we saw this Herring sitting on the water. They say Herring’s are good luck, so I feel special. :)

Next week I promise to have more pictures!

What I Saw Last Week 12.16.10

I’m a little late on my “What I Saw This Week” post, but I was out of town on Friday, so I have a good excuse.

Delicious Pad Thai at Cafe Asia.

Our first ornament as a couple. Of course it would be Capitals related.

Kobe beef sliders at our Holiday party.

Making necessity bags for victims of domestic violence.

Tea and treats post-wreath laying at Arlington.

First snow of the season.

Beautiful New England house.

….that’s it for this week.  Happy Holidays!