FMM – Current Favorites

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FMM: Current Favorites

  1. Song – I’m really into “We are Young,” by Fun, and I’m also into just about anything by Young the Giant.
  2. Drink – Water.  I have about one soda a day for a jolt of caffeine, so otherwise, it’s just water.
  3. Physical feature of the opposite sex (or the sex that you find attractive) – I love broad shoulders.
  4. TV Show(s) – Whitney and Modern Family!
  5. Actor/Actress – Love Paul Rudd.  :)
  6. Book – I’m finishing up the 3rd book in the Hunger Games series, so I’d have to go with that.
  7. Form of communication – Email/blog/facebook.  I loathe the phone.
  8. Exercise – Elliptical or treadmill.
  9. Food – Cheese.  It’s always cheese.
  10. Quote“Do what you gotta do to be what you wanna be.” – Denzel Washington

More Strength

Last nights workout was cray-cray.  Our normal instructor wasn’t there, so we were graced with the presence of another instructor who k-i-l-l-ed it.

The workout had a lot of free weights, slide discs for lunges, exercises on the ball, resistance bands, and a bunch of other crap that had me sweating like a beast.

Basically, it looked like this:

The instructor completely whooped my ass.  I am in awe at how some of the girls in the class kill the workout without looking winded.  Okay, maybe two of them, the rest of us are really getting worked.  Either way, by the time I came home, I was already super sore and spent the remainder of my evening on the couch.

Chris swam the entire hour I was in class and was whooped as well, so we both slept like rocks last night.

We were supposed to go to the gym tonight, but we are both so incredibly sore (my arms are burning), that we thought a day of rest could do us some good.  Tonight, we made turkey spaghetti and I’m about to whip up some tasty strawberry shortcake for my love.

I’m sore and exhausted just looking at those pictures.  Ouch.

Weekend Rewind + Upcoming Week

Fun weekend!

We had a relaxing evening on Friday and spent Saturday relaxing and avoiding crazy storms.  I did some shopping for the wedding and used up some gift cards we’ve been saving and then headed home to get ready to drive to Frederick, MD for the Frederick Keys baseball game.  When we moved to Leesburg we said we’d go to some games up there because we’ve heard it’s so much fun, and it didn’t disappoint.

We sat on the dugout and paid $11 a ticket.  Doesn’t get much better than that!

It was only a quick 30 minute drive to Frederick, so I think we’ll definitely do this again.  After the game, they did fireworks, so it was really fun.

Today, we hit the gym and it was a mess.  Kirsten had a boot camp workout for us and in the midst of the first circuit, I lost my cookies and threw up my breakfast.  GROSS.  Lesson learned:  No eating anything of substance less than 2 hours before an intense workout.  I went back to finish the workout, but it was lackluster at best.  I left feeling defeated for the day, but I understand that there are going to be good days and bad days.  Today was just a bad day.

My friend Lindsey blogs her workouts for the week and then wraps them up and this week, I thought I’d give it a shot, sooooo, here goes:

Monday:  Strength training class

Tuesday:  Elliptical cardio + swim

Wednesday:  Off night – Dinner for moms birthday

Thursday:  Training with Kirsten

Friday:  Off

Saturday:  Cardio class OR elliptical cardio

I can’t wait to recap this at the end of the week to sum up what we accomplished.

I have the Sunday grumpies and I’m not ready for the weekend to be over.