Summer Weekend Rewind

I love weekends like this.  A few plans mixed in with a lot of relaxation.  I swear, it’s the best. :)

Friday night, we had a little date night which was interrupted with some heavy storms, but we made the best of it and had a nice dinner and then holed up at home watching one of favorite guilty pleasures, “Whale Wars.”  Do you guys watch that show?  The idea behind it is good, but the show is filmed in a way that makes the people look like the biggest morons on the planet.  Chris and I narrate the show as it happens and can’t believe how ridiculous it get every year.  Speaking of ridiculous shows, do you guys watch “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding?!”  Talk about amazing television!

Saturday morning, I spent the morning sprucing up my summer wardrobe!

Later that afternoon, we headed to my bosses house for a BBQ Cook Out.  One of the things I’ve learned living in NC is that a BBQ means you’ll be having traditional BBQ (pulled pork, the real stuff).  Where we’re from, a BBQ is burgers and dogs, but down here, that’s known as a “cook out,” so….we went to a cook out.  My boss smoked some seriously good ribs and it was nice to hang out with everyone outside of the office.

After the cook out, we stopped at one of the nearby town centers for some fro yo, only to find out they were doing the grand opening of the shopping center.  There were a ton of giveaways and even a scavenger hunt to win gift cards, iphone and more.  We grabbed some fro yo and wandered around the area completing the scavenger hunt in hopes that we’d win something.  Once we completed the hunt, we dropped off our cards and hoped for the best.  We’ll find out on Monday if we won anything.  Fingers crossed!

This morning, we had a little impromptu breakfast with my uncle, cousin Regan, and Regan’s husband, J.  It was nice to catch up with everyone and see my uncle while he was in town.   Twas fun times.

The rest of our day today has been spent with these two:

Our little animal planet just makes me laugh.  If they aren’t together, Delilah is either laying on one of us (more likely Chris than me) or is curled up in the laundry.  Not to be outdone,  Hunter is always laying right up against one of us.  It’s nice to feel so much love.  ;)

And really, Hunter is such a ham.  Moments after I snapped the two pictures above, he wandered over to Delilah and woke her up by shoving his snout under her and jostling her around until she acknowledged him.  She’s so tolerant of his puppy like behavior, and they are so fun to watch together.  Too bad I didn’t have my camera on high speed mode – these pictures are crappy.  Oh well, still cute.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Weekend Wrapup + More

Don’t you hate it when you wait on something and then totally miss the boat?  Well, a few weeks ago, I posted about a dress I had in mind to wear for a special event in a few weeks, and today I went to find it.  Well, it turns out, the dress is gone.  It’s not in the store and it’s even vanished online.  Booooooooooo!  I debated searching for something else, but I’ve decided to re-wear my favorite little black dress and dress it up with some red accessories.  It should do the trick just fine.

After mega failing on the dress shopping, I ended up spending the day with Chris’ mom.  We had lunch, we went shopping and we had some good bonding time.  She had heard of this sports card/lego show in Tysons, so we drove out there to see if we could find anything good for her collection while the guys stayed home.  We got Chris some Capitals stuff (cause obviously he needs more), and we even got him a Bryce Harper rookie baseball card (hopefully it will be crazy valuable one day).  After that, we headed over to the mall so Debra could go to the Lego store to get her Lego fix.  While she headed there, I stopped in Macy’s and got Chris some much-needed shorts for the summer and then beat feet when Debra called and said she needed me.

Lego has a new series called “Mini Figures” which Debra is totally into.  They come in little tiny packages and aren’t labeled.  It’s the luck of the draw of what figure you get, but, Debra found out how to determine what is in each package.  They all have a little dimple pattern on the bottom of the package that is unique for each character, so, that’s how you can see what you’re getting.  However, it’s almost impossible to see the imprint, so we had to dig through hundreds to find the ones she wanted.  I swear we looked like a couple of lunatics as we put them in the air using the glare of the light to see the dimples on the plastic, but it was hilarious and a great memory.  When all was said in done, we had 17 packages to take home and when we opened them, we had 12 new ones and only 5 duplicates.  Not too bad if I don’t say so myself!  With the duplicates, I came home with a samurai, sumo wrestler, boom box boy and hula girl.  I can’t wait to put them on my desk, I think they’re so fun and cute.

Tomorrow is my first day back at work in a week since having surgery and  I’m a little nervous.  While I’m obviously doing better, it’s going to be a challenge because I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still have pain.  I do really well in the mornings, but about halfway through the day, the pain definitely starts to kick in, so we’ll see how I do.  My biggest concern is sitting for 8 straight hours just because I’m much more comfortable standing or laying flat.  I’ll do my best – we’ll see how it goes!

The next few weeks should be fairly exciting for us and I’m really looking forward to it.  Memorial Day is next weekend which means BEACH!!!!!  We’ll be heading to Ocean City on Friday evening and we’ll stay until Sunday evening.  We would normally stay until Monday with it being a holiday, but we were invited to the wreath laying at Arlington on Monday, so we’re going to do that instead of staying in OC.  I’m excited for that because it’s a privilege to be invited!  The following week is my uncle Mike’s change of command which I’m super psyched for, and then the next weekend, Third Eye Blind is playing the Fairfax Fair!  Exciting stuff!

Happy times!


FUN day!!

We were supposed to have a little date afternoon, but we had to modify our plans slightly.  The original plan was to have lunch at Panera Bread and then go see the movie Bridesmaids, howeverrrrrr after lunch, I was having pain from my surgery, so we didn’t think it was best for me to be sitting in a movie theater for two hours.  I’ve been living in loose sweat pants for a week and my jeans were just totally irritating the 4 incisions on my tummy.  Sitting is just especially painful.  Total bummer because I really want to see the movie.  Depending on how I feel, we may try to hit the movies tomorrow afternoon.

I was up for some walking around and some shopping though, so we headed over to Tysons to use up some gift cards we’ve had since Christmas.

I had a Bath and Body Works gift card, so I got this deliciously summery perfume called “Forever Sunshine” as well as “Carried Away” bubble bath.  I’m especially excited about the perfume because it’s light and perfect for the season.  I love a new scent!

Old Navy was having a sale on flip flops ($1 each!!), so I got a pair of pink flips to go along with the white and pink swirly tank and white cropped cardigan  that I got which I plan on pairing with my dark denim capris.  I fell in love with the green dress above, but it only came in a tall which was about 4 inches too long, so I left the store without.  Sad.  I did order a black maxi dress from Old Navy, so maybe that will fill the void.  I’m still on the fence about whether I want to order the green dream or not.

Next we hit up Macy’s where I found that pretty blue and black maxi dress in the picture above on clearance!  I plan on wearing it with a black shrug which I already have and some black sparkly flip flops.  I’m all about maxi dresses for the summer, especially at the beach!

I couldn’t find a picture of it, but I also found a really cute black and white maxi dress at TJ Maxx which I also can’t wait to break out.  Perfect with the white or black cardigan or a denim jacket.

We also made our way to the LEGO store which was SO fun!  Growing up, we both played with Lego’s, so it was fun to see what the stores sell these days.  They actually have a new “architecture” series which allow you to construct  famous buildings/landmarks, and of course we instantly wanted to buy the White House when we saw it, but not for the $50 price tag.

Instead, we got a Star Wars set (Luke’s Landspeeder) because:

a) It’s fun

b) It came with my requirements:  R2D2 and C3PO

c) It will be neat to show our kids one day

d) It was half the cost of the White House

I’m not even a Star Wars fan (I’ve never seen any of the movies the entire way through), but I still think it’s kind of cool.  I’m looking forward to putting it together.

After all of that, I was able to convince Chris to go have sushi with me.  I’ve been asking him for as long as we’ve been dating to try sushi with me, but he’s always refused.  His experience was California Rolls like 10 years ago (I’m not that adventurous, but still), so I’ve always wanted to do this with him.  So, today was the day, and I think he enjoyed it.

Tonight we’re relaxing and just enjoying a quiet Saturday evening at home.  We’ve got the NASCAR All Star Race on TV, and I’m looking forward to SNL tonight with Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga.  I’m really hoping Timberlake does one of his “Bring it on to ____Ville” sketches and I really hope that Jimmy Fallon stops by so that they can do the Barry Gibb Talk Show.

After a week at home recovering, it was a fantastic Saturday with my love.

Tis the Season

I feel like this years holiday season started off with a big bang (going to the Macy’s parade), but since we got home, my holiday spirit has kind of stalled.  We got our little tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but I haven’t bought gifts yet (I’m struggling just to write a list), and Chris has been out of town and doesn’t get back until Sunday, so it’s not exactly festive around here.  But, I’m hoping that all of that will change in the next few days/weeks.

I’m planning on beginning my holiday shopping tomorrow, so hopefully that will give me a little holiday pick me up.  Buying gifts for other people always makes me happy – I’m just really having a hard time in the gift giving ideas department this year.  I hate that I’m having such a block when it comes to ideas for people, and I feel like I’m making it a lot more difficult than I should be.  I feel like I’m constantly on the quest for “the perfect gift,” but in reality, “the perfect gift” doesn’t exist!  It’s the thought that counts, right?  I better get it together because I’m running out of time, and since I refuse to frequent the mall and do all of my shopping online, I’m really running out of time.

On Sunday, after we pick up Chris and his mom from the airport, we’re supposed to go by the Mormon Temple in Maryland because they have a magical display of lights that is supposed to be amazing.  I have no idea why I’ve never heard of the Temple light display in all of the years that I’ve lived here, but after looking at the website, I’m really excited to see it in person.

The following Sunday, the 19th, Chris, my parents, his parents and I are all going to dinner and then to the Kennedy Center to see a The Washington Chorus Candlelight Christmas.  If that doesn’t put me in the holiday spirit, then I think I’m screwed.

Sometime before Christmas Day, Chris and I will make our way to the National Christmas Tree and play tourists on the lawn of the White House which is always a good time.  Last year was our first Christmas together and we spent it eating dinner at Old Ebbit and then holding hands as we fought to not fall on the icy path toward the Ellipse where the tree stands.  If I had fallen, I wonder if I could have sued the White House for not salting the path.  Fun times.