Gracie’s First Outing


At six weeks and two days, we FINALLY took you out into the world for something other than a doctors appointment. Since you haven’t had your shots yet, we decided to take you to somewhere with lots of fresh air, so we went to Pullen Park in Raleigh. We walked around the little lake and watched the paddle boats, and after 20 quick minutes, we were done. It was upwards of 90 degrees today, and you can’t handle that kind of heat for a long time, so this first trip out went fast.

Even though it was quick, it was a lot of fun. It was great to get out of the house, it was fun to see how you did in the stroller in the big, bad world, and I can’t wait to take you back when you’re a little older. The park has a carousel, multiple playgrounds and other fun stuff for kiddos that you’ll surely love.





While we were driving home, we had to make a quick trip to Target, and guess what! We brought you in! Your first shopping experience, girl!! You did awesome! You were fascinated with the fluorescent lights above as we rolled you through the store, and you were quiet as a mouse, just taking everything in. It was awesome, and gave me faith that taking you out in public won’t be nearly as stressful or scary as I thought it might be.



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