Love Story

When I read other blogs, especially blogs that I’m new to, I always love reading their story of love, so I figured I’d share my own.

In 1997, I met Chris through a mutual friend in high school.  We became friends, but we didn’t run with the same crowds or participate in the same activities, so our interaction was limited, but we were friendly.  Chris was the super star swimmer with a ridiculously hot body, and I was the new girl who played tennis and was an editor for the newspaper. 

After high school, I bounced in and out of community college with half assed effort and little motivation.  I moved to Texas, then back to Virginia, then back to Texas, then back to Virginia again, then to North Carolina, back to Texas, back to Virginia, back to North Carolina, and finally back to Virginia.   Did I mention I was completely lost in my life?  Right.

Obviously, I really liked margaritas.

Exhausting, right?  In 2009, I finally settled myself back in Virginia, I graduated college and I had some direction.  Hooray!

Meanwhile, Chris had spent a few years in Pennsylvania going to school, moved to Arizona with his buddies, and ultimately ended up back in Virginia as well. 

As the years passed, somehow, Chris and I remained friends, keeping in touch through e-mail, AOL instant messenger (remember those days?), and obviously, facebook.  In 2009, we were both finally in the same geographic region, we were both single, and apparently the universe thought the timing was right for us to see our relationship differently.

Chris had season tickets to the Washington Capitals hockey team and I was a big hockey fan, so one day, he asked me to go to a game with him.  I didn’t give it a second thought – just an old friend who has a common interest, no biggie.  I remember being really nervous before he came to pick me up.  I hadn’t seen him in years!  Was it going to be awkward?  Would we have fun?  He texted me when he was close and I made my way out of my apartment building in Arlington and waited for his car to come over the hill.  I hopped in the car and said “hi”, and he began driving.  I stared straight ahead as he talked until he finally said “what’s wrong – you wont even look at me!” to which I exclaimed, “I’m  nervous!”  After that, I relaxed, he joked around and we headed downtown.

I can pinpoint the moment that I knew something was different.  After dinner, we made our way to the Verizon Center for the game, and as we navigated through the crowded halls, Chris put his hand on the small of my back in a protective way, gently directing me through the crowd.  My heart stopped.  I got butterflies, and all I could think was “holy shit.”

I couldn’t even think during the game.  I had fun, but I was suddenly so overwhelmed with feelings for this person I had been friends with for twelve  years.  When the game was over, I didn’t want to leave.  I didn’t want the end the night and I definitely wanted to kiss Chris.  What’s a girl to do?

I suggested we go back to my apartment and hangout on the rooftop because I had sweeping views of DC and it was a nice night.  We grabbed a six-pack of beer and headed to the roof, but when we arrived, a party was in full swing and I about threw a fit. 

Chris started to call it a night, but I suggested we take our six-pack of beer to nearby Gravelly Point to watch the airplanes takeoff and land, instead.  It didn’t take much convincing on his part and we were on our way.

We sat on a picnic table that unusually warm November night and we talked for hours.  We watched the planes land just a few hundred feet over our heads, made up stories about where the planes and passengers were going, and caught up on life.  I knew sitting on that picnic table that I wanted more from Chris, and I could tell he did, too – it was just a matter of time. 

As we continued to talk, Chris abruptly said to me, “I’m not going to kiss you,” to which I responded, “what?”  He said again, “I’m not going to kiss you, I really don’t want to screw this up,” to which I replied, “how can you screw something up that you haven’t even tried?”  And then, he kissed me.  I know I’m being mushy, but it was basically the kiss I’d been waiting for my entire life.  The kind of kiss where you just melt and get dizzy and want to just die all at once.  It was magic and I knew I was done for the rest of my life.

From that day going forward, we have been inseparable.  In February of 2010, we moved in together after just three months of dating.  A year later, in February of 2011, we bought a house together, and on June 11, 2011, Chris proposed.  You can check out the wedding page for all of our wedding related details!

We got married on October 28, 2011 and I feel like our love story is truly just beginning.


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