If you want to see how our love story began, start here.

When Chris and I got engaged, we knew we didn’t want a long engagement.  I knew I would second guess decisions and really stress myself out, so we knew early on that we’d get married pretty quickly once we got engaged.  We also had an idea of where we wanted to tie the knot and knew that it would be fairly small, so that made things a lot easier. 

Here, you can see our journey in wedding planning as we went through the process!  :)

Congratulations from Strangers:

Planning Begins:

Wedding Bands and Project Planning:

Selecting a DJ and Officiant:

Cake and Ceremony Details:

Honeymoon Location:


Engagement Photoshoot + Letter from Obama’s

Wedding Induced Anxiety:

Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party:

Favorite Engagement Pictures

Thank you to my Bridesmaids:

Open Letter to my Future Husband:

Wedding Recap:

Honeymoon Day 1

Honeymoon Day 2:

Honeymoon Day 3:

Honeymoon Day 4:

Honeymoon Day 5:

Honeymoon Day 6:

Officially Changing my Name:

Behind the Scenes:

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