Adventures in Doggy Day Care

Today was a big moment in our family.  We took Hunter to Doggy Day Care for the first time in his life.  It sounds simple, but for a 6 year old pup who had only known the luxury of our home or staying with family, it was a big deal.

This all started because we were supposed to go to South Carolina this weekend and we needed to check out some boarding places, but because Chris can hardly walk, we decided to postpone our trip.  However, we did decide that we needed to find somewhere Hunter could stay when and if we travel.

We started at one place about 20 minutes from our house, and the moment we walked in, I knew it was a no.  Discouraged, we headed to a place closer to home and were very excited by what we saw.  Not only was it nice and big, it also has webcams, so you can watch your dog from work, vacation, or even your phone.  Win!

Chris and I both checked in on him via the webcam throughout the day and it was highly entertaining.  I picked him up at 4:30 and he was a happy but tired guy.  Basically after he ate dinner, he passed out and has been relaxing and sleeping ever since.  To put it lightly, his world got rocked today.  :)

We were sent home with an impressive report card, too!

With Chris being down for the count, it was so easy to drop him off at the day care for the day so it was one less thing for Chris to worry about at home.  We’re thinking of taking him a few times a week just for him to get social time and a ton of exercise.  So worth it.  Check out our sleepy guy:

Gratitude for the day:

1.  The Espy’s are on tonight!

2.  Video chat with my sister in law!  :)

3.  Did I mention doggy day care?

4.  The Olympics start in 15 days!

5.  It’s still 80 degrees.  Bye, bye triple digit heat!

Keeping it Cool

I don’t know what’s going on in the world right now, but between the fires in Colorado, the vicious storms that blew through the mid-atlantic and the ridiculous heat here in Raleigh, I’m ready for things to resume to normal.

Basically, our day looked like this:

After a morning filled with running errands in the 105 degree heat, we made a splash at our community pool for a few hours this afternoon, soaking in some vitamin D and enjoying the cool water.

The highlight of the day however, is that our animals are now eating better food than the humans in this house.  Behold, Blue Buffalo:

Hunter’s ears have been a problem for as long as I can remember, and after a recent trip to the vet to update his shots, the doc recommended a change in diet as a test to see if the problems are related to a food allergy.  He doesn’t have it too rough, he just continually gets ear infections, no matter where we live or what we do.  Ultimately, we end up at the vet getting a prescription for special eardrops and antibiotics, so we’re hopeful that this new food will do the trick.

Seriously, I know this I’m just talking about dog food, but he’s eating fish and sweet potatoes, which is great for him.  Animal by-products (the feet, beaks, bones, etc) from poultry or beef in pet food is #1. gross, but #2. so bad for them, so I’m actually pretty happy about feeding him better quality food.  Does it get better than whitefish, sweet potatoes, whole carrots, peas, cranberries, blueberries, oatmeal and kale!?  WTF, Hunter, you lucky dog?!

Not to be outdone, I immediately swapped Delilah’s cardboard cat food for Salmon and Brown Rice.  Not exaggerating when she went bonkers for the nom noms when I opened the bag.  Pretty soon, they’re both going to think they live at the Ritz.  Whatever, dudes, if it fixes the ear problem, it’s worth it.

Tomorrow is Christmas in July, which is better known as NHL Free Agency Day which is also known as the day that my husband becomes completely worthless and is sucked into the television all day is huge for hockey fans.  Should be an interesting day as a fan, especially with one of our best players up for grabs.

Hope you’re making the best of your weekend!

Big Ole Weekend of Fun

I love weekends like this.  Nothing on the agenda, yet it still turns out to be fun.

Saturday morning, Hunter and I went for a long walk along the greenway and stumbled upon a pond.  He cracked me up when he walked right up to the water and jumped in.  I expected him to check it out and slowly step in if he was going to go for it, but no, full on splash, and he loved every second of being in the water.  Pretty entertaining for me, too.  :)

The rest of our Saturday was spent hanging out at the house waiting for maintainence to come by because our A/C kept going out.  Luckily after two tries, they got it fixed and we were back in business.  We caught up on a lot of our dvr and I got all of the laundry done, so I’d consider that a success.

Today, we had a great day.  :)  Our animal planet kicked it off with supreme cuteness and playtime.  Love their preciousness so much, they’re so entertaining.

This afternoon, Chris took me to lunch in Chapel Hill at a local favorite called Suttons Drug Store.  Yep, that’s right.  Lunch at a drug store.  We walked through the actual drug store and into the back where there was a small diner like setup.  Chris and I both ordered their famous burgers, and it did not disappoint.  Nom, nom.

After lunch, we headed to the country for some ice cream at a local farm.

No lie, you guys, this may have been the best ice cream I’ve ever had.  Sorry, Bluebell!!  There was something magical about ice cream straight from the cow, and we’ll definitely be going back sometime this summer.  Also, it’s the first time I’ve ever experienced banana pudding ice cream, and that stuff was delish.

Since we were out in the country, we decided we should run around in the corn fields like lunatics.

Where’s Chris??


Lastly, this has nothing to do with our weekend, but have you guys used the new laundry packs in your washing machines?  I love them so much, I can’t even explain.  I think it’s hands down one of the greatest inventions, ever, and I wish I had invented it myself.  There are multiple brands who are making these things now, but we’ve stuck to Purex or Arm & Hammer.  Tide is a lot more expensive, and we’ve been happy when the other brands, especially with their price.  If you haven’t tried these little guys, I think you should.

Great weekend.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a great week.  :)

Summer Weekend Rewind

I love weekends like this.  A few plans mixed in with a lot of relaxation.  I swear, it’s the best. :)

Friday night, we had a little date night which was interrupted with some heavy storms, but we made the best of it and had a nice dinner and then holed up at home watching one of favorite guilty pleasures, “Whale Wars.”  Do you guys watch that show?  The idea behind it is good, but the show is filmed in a way that makes the people look like the biggest morons on the planet.  Chris and I narrate the show as it happens and can’t believe how ridiculous it get every year.  Speaking of ridiculous shows, do you guys watch “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding?!”  Talk about amazing television!

Saturday morning, I spent the morning sprucing up my summer wardrobe!

Later that afternoon, we headed to my bosses house for a BBQ Cook Out.  One of the things I’ve learned living in NC is that a BBQ means you’ll be having traditional BBQ (pulled pork, the real stuff).  Where we’re from, a BBQ is burgers and dogs, but down here, that’s known as a “cook out,” so….we went to a cook out.  My boss smoked some seriously good ribs and it was nice to hang out with everyone outside of the office.

After the cook out, we stopped at one of the nearby town centers for some fro yo, only to find out they were doing the grand opening of the shopping center.  There were a ton of giveaways and even a scavenger hunt to win gift cards, iphone and more.  We grabbed some fro yo and wandered around the area completing the scavenger hunt in hopes that we’d win something.  Once we completed the hunt, we dropped off our cards and hoped for the best.  We’ll find out on Monday if we won anything.  Fingers crossed!

This morning, we had a little impromptu breakfast with my uncle, cousin Regan, and Regan’s husband, J.  It was nice to catch up with everyone and see my uncle while he was in town.   Twas fun times.

The rest of our day today has been spent with these two:

Our little animal planet just makes me laugh.  If they aren’t together, Delilah is either laying on one of us (more likely Chris than me) or is curled up in the laundry.  Not to be outdone,  Hunter is always laying right up against one of us.  It’s nice to feel so much love.  ;)

And really, Hunter is such a ham.  Moments after I snapped the two pictures above, he wandered over to Delilah and woke her up by shoving his snout under her and jostling her around until she acknowledged him.  She’s so tolerant of his puppy like behavior, and they are so fun to watch together.  Too bad I didn’t have my camera on high speed mode – these pictures are crappy.  Oh well, still cute.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Weekend Redux

Gahhhh, why must weekends go by so fast?!   Time flies when you’re having fun!

Our plans for this weekend were to get up on Saturday and head up to Maryland to visit our friends for the weekend, but we got a little delayed when we woke up to Hunter hopping around the house on three legs.  He had a slight limp on Friday which we atributed to hard fetching the night before, but on Saturday, he was hobbling around, had trouble going up the stairs and just didn’t seem too comfortable.  Luckily, we were able to get him into the vet within the hour and our doc determined he had some major swelling and bruising on one of his toes (they shaved just one toe to see better) which could be due to a sprain or broken toe.  They don’t cast dogs for a broken toe, so the treatment would be the same for either injury, so in the end, we were sent home with some pain meds and antibiotics in case it was scratched deep down inside.  By the time we had Hunter comfortable and settled, we confirmed the pain medicine regimine with our housesitters and hit the road.

We hauled it up to Bel Air, MD to visit Chris’ BFF, Tim and his wife Christine who recently had their first baby and were super excited for a relaxing evening of catching up and baby watching .  They had baby James last Wednesday, so when we arrived, he was a gorgeous 10 days old.  Tim and Christine are just beaming parents and are so cute with him.  I can’t get over how tiny he is, and I loved seeing just how in love with him Tim and Christine are.  He’s so presh.

So cute.

Christine and James.

Uncle Chris balancing James. Hehe.

Tim and Christine's first outing with James. :)

We spent the morning hanging out before we packed up around 11 and hit the road to head home.  But, we made a slight pit stop on the way home and made a purchase Chris has been waiting for – a new TV!  We didn’t plan on buying a TV today, but we found a deal that literally was too hard to walk away from.  We got an awesome 50-inch LG Plasma TV for 20% off and no tax which came out to less than any of the advertised deals we had seen for Black Friday, so we were ecstatic with our good luck.  It’s now sitting pretty in the man cave and I have a really happy huzby.  :)

I’m so glad it’s a 3-day work week!  Having a three day weekend will be so great, especially since we plan on spending the time doing some major catching up on our relaxing time!  I’m thinking a movie marathon just might be in order.  :)