Things I Liked this Week + Gratitude

Things everyone knows are true.
Do you love Disney this much?
Call Me Maybe just got so much better.
Life could be worse.
How to determine if you’re addicted to Pinterest.
Are you sure it’s safe to swim in a canal?
A fascinating look at retired baseball numbers.
What a beautiful tribute.
Gratitude for the day:
1.  The weekend has arrived!
2.  My husband had dinner waiting when I got home after an extra long day of work – bum knee and all.  :)
3.  A brief walk and crabcakes for lunch!
4.  The Olympics start in TWO WEEKS!
5.  I’m still grateful that it’s not 100+ degrees.

Adventures in Doggy Day Care

Today was a big moment in our family.  We took Hunter to Doggy Day Care for the first time in his life.  It sounds simple, but for a 6 year old pup who had only known the luxury of our home or staying with family, it was a big deal.

This all started because we were supposed to go to South Carolina this weekend and we needed to check out some boarding places, but because Chris can hardly walk, we decided to postpone our trip.  However, we did decide that we needed to find somewhere Hunter could stay when and if we travel.

We started at one place about 20 minutes from our house, and the moment we walked in, I knew it was a no.  Discouraged, we headed to a place closer to home and were very excited by what we saw.  Not only was it nice and big, it also has webcams, so you can watch your dog from work, vacation, or even your phone.  Win!

Chris and I both checked in on him via the webcam throughout the day and it was highly entertaining.  I picked him up at 4:30 and he was a happy but tired guy.  Basically after he ate dinner, he passed out and has been relaxing and sleeping ever since.  To put it lightly, his world got rocked today.  :)

We were sent home with an impressive report card, too!

With Chris being down for the count, it was so easy to drop him off at the day care for the day so it was one less thing for Chris to worry about at home.  We’re thinking of taking him a few times a week just for him to get social time and a ton of exercise.  So worth it.  Check out our sleepy guy:

Gratitude for the day:

1.  The Espy’s are on tonight!

2.  Video chat with my sister in law!  :)

3.  Did I mention doggy day care?

4.  The Olympics start in 15 days!

5.  It’s still 80 degrees.  Bye, bye triple digit heat!

Gratitude is Back

A few years ago, I got all introspective and thought I was Oprah or something.  I used to be pretty good about posting daily gratitude.  But then, things got busy and life got in the way and I quit jotting down things I am grateful for, because really, it was just easier.

However, I’d like to try to bringing gratitude back, because in the midst of any of our worst days, certainly we can find just a handful of things we’re grateful to have in our lives.

Without further delay:

1.  I’m grateful for a break in the heat.  It’s in the mid 80’s here which is basically arctic compared to the triple digits we’ve had in the past week.

2.  I’m grateful for a job that I love.  L-O-V-E.

3.  I’m grateful for a book on Kindle that only cost $4.  Boom!

4.  I’m grateful for a soaking tub that provides me with endless relaxing bubble baths.

5.  I’m grateful to have people who care about my husband and me.

Do you have a gratitude journal?  How do you show your appreciation?

Gratitude 2.6.11

1.  Our stuff is about 60% packed and ready to be moved to the new place!

2.  Good weekend of errands and productivity with my love.

3.  Caps beat the Penguins today!  SHUT OUT no less!

4.  The snow continues to melt, hallelujah.

5.  French vanilla candles.