32 Feels Good

It’s my birthday, and I have to say that it’s been pretty great.  No complaints over here, even if I did turn 32.  :)

My day was pretty quiet at work and nobody knew it was my birthday until Chris sent me beautiful flowers.  He did a great job and they smelled yummy as well as look beautiful.  Shortly after the flowers arrived, I had lunch with my mom which was a nice break from the day.

I was originally going to cook dinner tonight, but Chris really insisted that he take me to dinner which was great.  A new place called Firebirds opened up near the house recently, so we went there, and it was amazing.  I had the filet with scalloped potatoes and it was incredible.  So worth it for a birthday dinner.

When we got home, Chris gave me a few gifts which he completely knocked out of the park.  I’ve totally fallen in love with this nail polish my sister in law introduced me to called Butter London, so he got me three different colors of that, and I’m smitten!

He also got me a subscription to US Weekly since I love me some trashy tabloids, and to go along with my obsession with  big wave surfing, he bought me this amazing new book called The Big Juice, which is all about, you guessed it, big wave surfing!  He got me the paperback so that I can see the amazing pictures as opposed to downloading it on my kindle.  I can’t wait to start reading!

We ended the night with cupcakes and some reruns of Friends, and now it’s time for bed!

Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee!


Fit Bit Obsession

I am obsessed with my fitbit that I got for Christmas.  Obsessssssssssssssed.  OB-SESSED!  So to recap, OBSESSED.

I love that it tracks every movement, that it tells me how many calories I burned while reaching for a pencil, and how many steps it is to the ladies room.  Most importantly, I love how it tracks my sleep!  I’m a troubled sleeper, so it’s especially interesting to me how I can see what my nights look like.

I’ve had the fitbit for three nights now, and each morning, I wake up and immediately check what activity my little friend has recorded, and it’s just so neat.  Last night was my worst night yet (tossing, turning, not getting comfortable), and it absolutely shows in the graph you’ll see below.

Sleep Night 1

Sleep Night 2

Sleep Night 3 - Rough.

It’s just so fascinating to me that you can see around 11pm on night 3 all of the tossing and turning I did around 11pm.  Also, you can see where I woke up when Chris was getting ready for work around 4:30am (more like woke up for a millisecond and went right back to sleep), and ultimately where I hit snooze about three times starting at 6:20am.

I think it’s neat that I can see a pattern of how much actual sleep I’m getting in hours and link that to how I feel on the regular.  Do I really need those 8.5 hours I got the first night, or am I okay with 7 hours?


Mid-Day Awesomeness

Last week, I discovered the best middle of the workday idea ever:  LUNCH HOUR MANICURE!  Lucky for me, there is a shopping center directly across from my office with a nail place that does $15 manicures!  So, with knowing I needed to get out of the office for a well deserved break today, I popped into the nail shop and walked out with some festive fall color on my newly manicured fingers!

It’s flippin’ cold here in Virginia and of course I chose two days ago to drop off my coat at the cleaners, so in my frigid state of walking back to the car, I thought that hot Pho soup would be amazing for lunch.  There’s a place right around the corner, so I hightailed it over there to get something to warm me up and go back to the office.

Now in theory, this was a good idea.  But, in reality (especially for those familiar with Pho), this was a disaster waiting to happen.  I got back to my desk and quickly realized I didn’t have anything that would make Pho easy at my desk.  Blah.  I had to mix it up (yeah, I spilled) and ultimately ate out of a paper coffee cup because I definitely didn’t have a bowl.  Yup, disaster, but, it was tasty!

Disassembled Pho, mixed pho and pho in a coffee cup.

Today is a great day.  Fall is in the air (even if I don’t have my coat), and our new kitchen table is being delivered today.  Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!