Bringin’ It Back!

I’m bringing back “What I saw this week,” ya’ll!  After contemplating bringing this back for a few weeks, my friend Lindsey not to subtly encouraged me to get on it again, and so I am!  I don’t have that much for this week, but here we go!

Carwash creepiness!

Alexandria sunset.

Hole in the wall!

Replacement for the hole in the wall. Hooray!

New door is almost finished and it's beautiful. Love the blinds inside the glass!


During our site visit and planning meeting at the wedding venue, we saw this Herring sitting on the water. They say Herring’s are good luck, so I feel special. :)

Next week I promise to have more pictures!


4 thoughts on “Bringin’ It Back!

  1. YEY! I love what I saw this week! We should do a trade one week. :) Philly and Leesburg seem VERY different. ;)

    bride time is approaching! You so excited!?

    • Trade how? I’m down for any of your creative ideas!

      Bride time is indeed approaching and I’m psyched. 90% done with only the little things left to finish! Ready for the honeymoooooooon!!!!!

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