Viva Carolina!

Tomorrow I head to North Carolina to get some family time.  Woot!

Dad and I are ditching the D.C. area first thing in the morning and are heading to Raleigh to see my Aunt, Uncle and cousin.  My cousin is on the drumline in his high school (booyah!), and tomorrow is their homecoming game, so we’ll get to see them rock out during half time.  I’ve seen Jackson, my cousin play drums before, and it’s pretty awesome.  Plus, I love Raleigh and it will be nice to spend a day there.

Saturday, we’ll head east from Raleigh and make our way to Atlantic Beach where my Granny lives.  My cousin, Nicole, and her son Logan (who I refer to as my nephew because I’m an only child, and because I can), as well as some uncles also live in the area, so it will be great to see everyone.  I haven’t been back since May of ’08, and Logan is now 3.5 years old and is leaving me voicemails in full conversations, so I can’t wait to have many a talk with him.  Nicole is working all day Saturday, so I get Logan duty all day!  Imagine the fun!

Oh, and of course we get to go to El’s drive-in, which is always a treat.  Yes, it’s a real drive in.  Love it!


The cuteness!

The cuteness that is Logan.

Should be fun times.  Happy Columbus Day Weekend!


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