The past

I got a phone call today from my first real friend at the high school
that I actually graduated from. We had met during tennis tryouts
which were held 3 weeks prior to classes starting, and we became
friends very quickly. We remined really good friends through our
Junior year which was my first year @ Chantilly, but by the time
Senior year came around, I was hanging out with a different crowd, and
we drifted. We didn’t keep in great touch after graduation, and to
the best of my memories, we emailed maybe twice within 6 months of
graduating. Anyway – it had been five years or more that I had talked
to her when I got this random phone call. She called to catch up more
than anything which was interesting to me considering I haven’t talked
to her in ages. It was really nice to catch up though, especially
with someone i was once so close with.

It’s funny how we drift in and out of peoples lives and think that
they’ve forgotten about us after all this time. It’s even funnier
that those we remember end up remembering us too. It’s nice to know
that you’re still thought of so long after a friendship began, and
it’s pretty nice when people actually act on those thoughts and give
you a call to play catch up, even if it has been five long years.

It’s random that I also heard from my first real friend upon moving to
Colorado Springs today as well. She was my neighbor and we were both
new to Rampart so we were instantly friends by default. :) She found
me on MySpace after no communication in 8 or 9 years and again, it was
awesome to catch up.

I was talking to one of my friends the other day about all of the
people I wondered about from living in Indiana and Germany before
MySpace and E-mail were ever mainstream. She joked that I’d probably
have 1,000 legitimate friends that I’d still be in touch with. She’s
probably right. I think about those people all over the place I was
once friends with, and I really wish I knew what a lot of them were
doing these days.

People being raised in this day and age have it so much easier with
keeping in touch with friends upon moving. I just hope they don’t
take it all for granted. :)


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