Birthday Celebrations x4

I can not believe the weekend has already flown by.  Blah!!  I can’t complain too much, though – it was a fun and productive few days.

On Friday, my sweet cousin, Tracy Strawberry trekked out to Leesburg to spend part of the weekend with Chris and me.  We relaxed, cooked dinner and played monopoly til it was time to go to bed.  :)  Now that’s what I call a Friday night!

On Saturday, Tracy and I had a girls day.  We got our hair done, went shopping and just had some great fun together.  Saturday evening, we headed down to Crystal City for a little birthday celebration for me, my dad, Linds and Kev.  I love when birthday celebrations just keep going.  :)

Apparently the silliness was contagious.  It must run in the family.  :)

Dinner was fun, but I will say that when we left, I hadn’t successfully transformed Chris into a tapas fan.  I really wanted him to love it, but it’s just not his thing which is totally fine.  A for effort, right?!

I got some pretty rad stuff for my bday from Linds and Chris’ parents.  So exciting.  Birchbox, luxury nailpolish, Britto art!  So fun!

We were productive today – menu planning, tons of laundry (the bane of my existence, seriously, how two people can produce so much effing laundry is beyond me), grocery shopping and a little bit of relaxation tossed in as well.  We made some really delicious jambalaya for dinner tonight and I was psyched that we had a ton of leftovers because I think it will be even more delish reheated when the spices have had even more time to soak into the meal.  Yum, yum.

I can’t believe the weekend is over.  Sad.