Super Sweet Saturday

This weekend marks our first trip back to Virginia since moving two months ago, and time has seriously flown.  We decided earlier in the week that we’d make a last minute trip home to take care of a few things and for Chris to go to the Caps game since it was finally on a weekend, and I’m glad we visited.

We got in around midnight on Friday, and I made some last minute plans to see some of my favs this morning while Chris was going to the Caps game.  I got incredibly lucky that my friend Emily was in town from LA and was able to have an awesome morning with her and our other friend, Tiff.  What was supposed to be a quick 30-minute coffee visit quickly turned into a two-hour visit and it was awesome.  I told Em that I swore the last time I saw her was at our friend Shannon’s wedding, (2009!)  but she said that couldn’t be right, yet neither of us could think of a more recent time.  Either way, so, so, so happy I got to spend time with some old friends because it was a great way to start the day.

After breakfast, I headed over to meet another one of my BFF’s, Kirsten, to get pedicures.   It was so great to catch up in person.  Even though we talk on an almost daily basis, it was just so good to see her smiling face and talk about life and get pedicures and go shopping.  Makes me happy.  :)

After a few hours with Kirs, I headed back to my parents house to watch the Caps game (they won, whoo hoo), and eventually Chris and his parents made their way over to my parents place.

There was dinner:

There were board games:

Oh, and I surprised Chris with an RGIII t-shirt.  Kind of a big deal in these parts right now.

We capped our night off with a view of the super moon (this picture sucks and does it zero justice) which was pretty rad.

We’re packing up and leaving tomorrow morning after breakfast to give ourselves some time to enjoy the afternoon in Raleigh before prepping for the work week.  Time flies, y’all.

Wonderful, but super quick weekend.