Nursery Tour

A few weeks ago, I was jumping up and down at this site at the end of our driveway:

photo (9)

Two weeks after it’s original delivery date, the nursery furniture finally arrived.   At 32 weeks pregnant, it was a welcome relief and a happy sight to see.

When we talked about what we wanted to do for the nursery, we went back and forth for quite a while.  We both agreed that we wanted white furniture, and no real theme, but deciding on color was a nightmare.  Originally, I wanted a soft grey room with accents of pink and white furniture, but Chris said he thought it would look like jail.  Then, we talked about doing two walls pink and two walls grey, but that felt too choppy to me.  We finally decided on the oh so predictable pink, but when it came time to pink paint, we shocked ourselves by going for a more bold pink instead of the classic baby pink.  I am so ridiculously happy with the color.

Once we picked out the furniture, the room came together naturally.  The furniture has a somewhat vintage vibe to it, so we kept everything very soft and girly.  The end result is exactly what I envisioned and I just love sitting in there almost everyday.

photo (15)

I love this crib so much (and the fact that it converts to a toddler bed AND full size bed!).  It’s such a girly dream.  The decal above the crib was the final touch in the room, and I love how it turned out.  It’s feminine and it just really pulls everything together.  And don’t worry, all of that stuff in the crib will be coming out before Gracie’s arrival!


I am obsessed with the dresser and Gracie is a very lucky girl to have something so beautiful to get her through the next 18 years.  The pictures above are a poem my mom wrote about our weekends at the library, and the balloon print is signed by everyone who attended our baby shower in Virginia.  So sentimental and sweet.

photo (16)

I love, love, love this glider.  LOVE.  A local baby store was going out of business and we were able to buy this floor model for a fraction of the price.  It matches perfectly, it’s comfortable, and it not only rocks, but reclines as well!

photo (10)

I love the softness of the curtains against the pink walls.  They turned out much better than I imagined!

photo (2)

I love this matching nightstand that goes with the dresser, and I can’t wait until Grace can use it in her big girl room eventually.  The lamp is one of my favorite things in the room – the little roses are so sweet!  And of course as a reader, I love the books!!

photo (14)

This diaper organizer is awesome.  I love that everything we’ll need is right there and accessible without looking cluttered.  We’ve heard great things about Burts Bees and I’m hoping it works well with Gracie’s skin.

photo (7)

Drawer of diapers and wipes, ready to go!

photo (8)

Washcloths and hooded bath towels!

photo (13)


Socks, socks and socks!

photo (4)


Every little girl needs a jar full of headbands and awesome sunglasses!

That’s the tour!  I can’t believe in just a few weeks, Grace will be part of our family and we’ll be using all of those things on a regular basis.  We are so excited to meet our little girl!


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