2 Years Ago Today

Two years ago today, this happened:

Ribbet collage


I know it’s kind of silly, to single out this day in our relationship, but it was a big one, and definitely one of the happiest moments of my entire life.  I tell Chris that no matter what, each June 11th will always mean something to me because it was a day that changed our lives forever.

As each year passes, I learn more and more about love.  This year, I’ve learned about the true meaning of “in sickness and health” and “in good times and bad.”  I never thought we’d experience so much in such a short amount of time after getting engaged, and now married, but we’re here and we’re strong.

I’m continually reminded why I said “yes” two years ago today, and I feel incredibly lucky to have married my best friend.

Chris, I love you.  Always.


Your Natalie

One thought on “2 Years Ago Today

  1. What a sweet day that was…getting together that night for the announcement and seeing that beautiful ring for the first time. Chris was so cute when he came to see Dad and me about marrying you. Very gallant. These ARE the times to remember. Love, Mom

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