European Influence

Can we just talk about how obsessed I am with vintage/European inspired baby clothes?  I don’t know what Gracie’s style is going to be quite yet, but I know I want all of these dresses from Petit Ami.


Pink Dress with Bloomers

Belk (1)

Blue Smocked Dress


Smocked Collar Dress


Checkered Purple Dress


Seersucker Dress (I die over anything seersucker for baby!!)

Spending a big chunk of my childhood in Germany, I’m also partial to Benetton, Esprit & Zara, so I love these, too!


Blue Gingham Dress by Benetton


Fancy Denim Dress by Esprit


Striped Dress by Benetton

1088924600_1_1_1Printed Dress by Zara

A girl can dream, right?

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