Pink, Ruffles & Bows

Ever since we found out we are having a baby girl, I’ve kind of been obsessing over all kinds of  ridiculously adorable and cute girly clothes and accessories.  I mean really, girls have just the sweetest stuff, and we definitely plan on dressing her in tons of pink and lots of ruffles.  I know we have some time before she arrives, but it’s so fun to plan for her style.

Just take a look for yourself – I’m obsessed with the things below.  :)

baby collage

1.H&M Dress,  2.  Jamie Rae Headband 3.  Zara Dress 4.  Ruffled Bloomers
5.Old Navy Bubble Onesie 6.  Babylegs Legwarmers 7.  Jamie Rae Headband

baby collage 2

1.Old Navy Sundress 2.  Baby Sperrys 3.  Gap Bow Top 4.  Gap Striped One Piece
5.  Ruffled Bloomers 6.  Old Navy Pants 7.  Tiny Toms


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