The Challenges of Life

I’ve been thinking a lot about the challenges that life brings and how you can either let it take over everything, or just adjust your life until it gets a little bit easier.  To me, the latter is the better choice, though it’s sometimes easier said than done.

I’ve talked about it previously on this blog, but our big challenges started shortly after we got married.  At the time, I thought it was just the universe testing our new marriage, but now I realize that it’s just life.  It’s likely never going to get really easy.  Everything takes a lot of work, it’s just not a simple world of unicorns and rainbows.

We’re still dealing with a lot of the challenges we faced last year, but we’re adapting.  We have a lot of things that are nerve wracking and scary that are facing us, but, we’re making it, and I feel like that’s all that matters.

With as many challenges as we have, we also have a lot of wonderful in our life.  Chris has his health and hasn’t relapsed with the internal knee infection (we’re past the point where it was likely that could have happened), we’re moving into our new house in just a few weeks, and of course, we have a baby on the way.

So yeah, my mind has been thinking about the difficult stuff, but ultimately, the good and exciting stuff prevails.  Our  marriage is strong, our love is strong, and with that, we’re really capable of anything.


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