Baby 101

Ask me if I ever thought I’d spend an hour test driving a stroller.  The short answer would be “no,” but we’ve started doing research and checking out baby stuff at some local stores, so now that answer about the stroller is an emphatic YES!  I never thought I’d be so excited about such a thing, but oh boy, when you find something as dreamy as what we’ve found, you sort of obsess about it and talk about it all the time.  :)

Anyway, I never realized just how overwhelming all of the options would be when it came to having a kid.  Yeah, I obviously knew we’d have a lot of decisions to make and a lot of shit to buy, I just didn’t realize the plethora of options.  It’s ridiculous.  

So, here’s my question to all of you parents out there:  What are the things you loved and couldn’t live without?  What are the things that made your/your baby’s life better or easier? What are the things you regretted buying?  

Help a girl out!


2 thoughts on “Baby 101

  1. Couldn’t live without my Boppy and multiple covers. It made eating dinner possible for me. Another great investment: a playgym for the floor. The one we bought could be just a mat with a little mirror for Tummy time (do you know about tummy time yet? There’s almost TOO much to know when it comes to having a baby), and also fun distraction time for baby while lying on their backs and playing with a bunch of crazy toys and musical things. This gave me enormous freedom! I could walk around the room and do stuff!

    This didn’t happen to me, but my husband’s cousin just mentioned she had no idea that the amazing stroller she bought couldn’t fit into the trunk of her new car. Just another thing to consider and try out.

    Regarding bottles, I would suggest you not buy a ton of one brand/kind of bottles before your baby is born. So many moms have a hard time finding the right kind of bottle that their baby will happily take, and sometimes different bottles can create gastrointestinal problems for baby as well. Maybe buy a couple bottles of a few different kinds. And if you choose to breastfeed, my recommendation would be the Breastflow bottles because they mimic the same type of suction that a baby experiences at the breast, and she didn’t have big spit up problems with them either. But…EVERY baby is different.

    Good luck!

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