For almost three years, I have been waiting for this album. 


There’s something magical about Mumford and Sons.  Their music makes me warm and fuzzy; calm and filled with comfort.

So this morning, as soon as my alarm went off, I logged into iTunes and downloaded the magic that came out today.

This album will be on repeat for the next 12ish months.

I recommend you check them out.


One thought on “Babel

  1. Okay, so I listened to the album on iTunes. I didn’t expect to hear so much banjo in the background and riffs. Some was beautiful but some was a bit heavy handed for me. Oh my gosh, Marcus Mumford’s voice is amazing…am I wrong or is this sort of like The Kings of Leon? It is a British band, right? Anyway, I didn’t buy the whole album but did buy 5 of their songs. Thanks for the tip…love his voice on the ballads.

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