A Thousand Cheers

44 days ago, Chris and I were in our own personal hell.  He was two days post-emergency surgery, sick as a dog with a massive infection, and uncertainty and fear surrounded us.  Everything that was being thrown at us was overwhelming and we really didn’t have a sense for which was up.

Two days after his surgery, the orthopedic surgeon mentioned something about a long-term IV but in his words, that would only be in the “worst case scenario.”  Everything was such a blur at that point that it went in one ear and out the other.  Surely that wouldn’t even be a possibility.  We ignored it.  Forgot about it.

The next day, the infectious disease doctor delivered the bad news that his inflammatory markers were off the charts, his white blood count was crazy high, and he had staph.  That long-term IV we were told about?  Yeah that was happening.

That.  That was the moment that broke us.  For four days leading up to that moment, we were strong.  We were optimistic.  We were positive.  We were not prepared for anything long-term.  It felt like our world stopped.

After we processed the news and slowed our roll (no seriously, our roll needed some big time slowing), I hugged Chris, and through it all, I promised him that when the IV was removed, he would celebrate with a steak dinner.  He exhaled and he laughed.  Mission as a wife:  Accomplished.

It’s been 40 days being at home with an IV.  Every day for the past 40 days, an alarm has gone off at 5pm reminding us to take the antibiotics out of the fridge, and another alarm would go off at 6pm as a reminder to administer the medicine.  This morning, the IV was removed.  Freedom.

Tonight, we had that steak dinner I promised Chris (his prime rib was fantastic and my filet was incredible, if you’re wondering).  We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Firebirds, and it was everything we’ve been waiting for.   A Blue Moon for him, a glass of Shiraz for me, and a toast with smiles as we close this chapter.

Never could I have imagined everything that has happened to us in our first year of marriage.  But we’ve come through it stronger and tougher than ever.

A thousand cheers to the next chapter.


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