Anniversary Planning

Shortly after Chris and I got married last year, we started talking about plans to celebrate our  first anniversary.  We started planning early because we wanted to go somewhere fun to commemorate the occasion because really, you only get one first anniversary.

We brainstormed a lot over the first few months.

Chris suggested San Francisco:

…but I vetoed it because flying that far for just a weekend is too far.  

I suggested Vegas:

…but Chris vetoed it because I have no control over myself when I walk into a casino it’s just too expensive.  

We mutually agreed that Chicago would be fantastic.  Non stop flights and beautiful weather?  Yes, please!  But then we both decided that when we go to Chicago, we want to go to Wrigley field (I’ve been, he hasn’t), so we scratched it.

Then, we started talking about possibly going to the panhandle of Florida.  It’s a quick and easy flight from Raleigh, the beaches are stunning, the weather is warm, and it’s a good spot to relax.

We shelved our idea until our anniversary date got closer, but then, life got in the way.

When Chris had to have his original surgery at the beginning of August, we talked about scaling our plans back.  We knew the expense of the surgery would have an impact on our plans, so we thought of other ideas.

Chris suggested Charleston:

But, I vetoed it because I’ve been.

I suggested Asheville:

But, Chris vetoed it because it’s too fancy schmancy he’s not interested in the mountains.

Just when we started to get serious about our plans, the middle of August arrived, and Chris had to have his emergency knee surgery, and everything went out the window.  On the day of his release, the hospital handed us a big, fat bill that was the equivalent of this pretty thing:

Oh, you think I’m kidding!  Hahahahahahahaha.  I’m not.  After battling it out with the insurance company, we were told they would only pay a whopping $600 of the balance.  You read that right.  It’s not a typo.   Hilarious, right?  I laugh because I don’t know what else to do.    I might start calling Chris, Rover, though.  Since he’s basically a Range Rover sitting on the couch.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve always wanted to have a Range Rover, so really, it’s win-win.  :)

So, anyway, you can see where this is going.  With the Range Rover in the room, we had to reevaluate our plans yet again.

We talked about taking the train to Charlotte (the train!  FUN!), but that added up quickly.  Then, we talked about staying a night at the Umstead here in town, but luxury is expensive.

Our anniversary is just over a month from now.  We’re undecided about what we’re doing, but I know it will be low-key.  We really wanted to do something exciting for this first one, but we just need to get over it and accept that it is what it is.  There will be more (we won’t get the first one back, but that’s okay) anniversaries to celebrate, and truthfully, as long as we’re together, that’s really all that matters.

What would you do if you were us?  Any suggestions for a celebration on a mega budget?


4 thoughts on “Anniversary Planning

  1. Call the Atrain for cheap buddy passes for my BBF and his beautiful wife!!:-). Call me and let’s see where we can fly you guys!!!

  2. In 35 years of marriage, anniversaries have not been about the where or what, but about being together. I suggest you make that range rover a delicious meal enjoyed with fine red wine (or beer Chris.) Write special notes to each other, real notes, not those cards you get in the grocery store, and save them for your children to read one day about where you were in the youth of your marriage and what you thought of each other before they came along. Love, Mom

  3. GIRL let me tell you Justin and I had the STUPIDEST first anniversary. I had built up this big idea in my head that we needed to do something super special but we didn’t and to be honest almost 5 years later… its no big deal. We had just moved to California and my Dad’s cousins invited us for a cook out–you know we have the Memorial Day anniversary. Anyway we were going to their house for a lunch cook out and then planned to have a special dinner. We ended up eating ribs at their house for lunch and it DESTROYED our stomachs. Our stomachs were rolling so badly that we weren’t even hungry for dinner. What did we do for our first special anniversary? We went to Friday’s and had two not very special desserts. Five years later I smile at the memory. It wasn’t a big deal, wasn’t anything special but we were together. That is all that really matters. YOU make is special. Put a picnic basket together– some cheese, crackers and wine or a lil meal. Go to a public park or trek it to the beach for the day. Find something to do that you have never done before in Raleigh… a botanical garden maybe? Or just find a nice restaurant and enjoy each others company. :o) It doesn’t have to be extravagant to be special. You can make it special!! You and Chris are both so creative that I believe you will find something really special to do together.

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