Some Kind of Wonderful

Growing up as an only child, I never felt like I was really missing out on anything.  While the majority of my friends had siblings, I was never terribly envious or yearned for a brother or sister.  I had a lot of friends growing up.  A lot.  My parents always made sure I was enrolled in activities and sports and doing something, so while I didn’t have a sibling at home, I was constantly surrounded by other kids.  I know it’s different and that I can’t compare it to having a brother or a sister, but honestly, it was a pretty great childhood.

Around the time I became a teenager, I started realizing that by not having a sibling, there was one thing I would eventually miss.  Without a brother or sister, I would never be an aunt.  For that my friends, was a bummer.

I have been lucky enough to have some pretty awesome aunts.  Coming from a military family, we were all scattered across the country, so seeing them was an event that I always looked forward to.  I loved that seeing them was special and I especially loved that they were cool.  In my teens, it hit me that I might not ever get to experience that awesomeness and it scared me.  I wanted to be the cool aunt Natalie.  I wanted to spoil a niece or nephew.  I wanted to have inside jokes that we could keep from their parents.  And I really, really, really wanted to hop the boy or girl up on sugar and then give them back to their mom and dad.  :)

When Chris and I got married, I gained a sister (and brother) in law.  Yes!   My chance to become an aunt!!

So, you can imagine how excited I was when they told us a few months ago that they’re expecting a baby in January!  Squeeeeal!

A baby and possible fellow Capricorn?  So. So. So. Excited.

A few weeks ago, we found out it’s a boy.  A precious baby boy who I can not wait to hug and squeeze and LOVE.  Thanks to the wonders of technology, we watched Linds and Kevin blow up pink and blue balloons until the pink one deflated and the blue one expanded.  Then, we all screamed and threw our arms in the air simultaneously via video chat.  It was such a fantastic and memorable experience.

A nephew.  I am going to have a nephew.  We are going to have a nephew.  When I think of Chris with his nephew….oh, be still my heart.

And the parents to be.  They will be the best.  Their animated conversations about all things baby are the greatest.  They rattle off things that are new to me and I nod in excitement as they talk quickly, full of electricity.  They’re bursting with joy and just talking to them makes me want to jump up and down kind of like Linds did during her entire wedding (literally, she was so happy, she bounced up and down excitedly the entire time).

It’s the most fun, already.  Talking and dreaming of all of the things we’ll do with our nephew.  Imagining of the memories we’ll make and how much we will love and adore this little boy.  It’s the best.

I can’t wait for January.


One thought on “Some Kind of Wonderful

  1. What a beautiful write. You said so many nice things about your family, and your thought process as you moved from childhood to now being an aunt. I love being an aunt too. I have awesome nieces and nephews. So happy for Lindsay and Kevin. That is just the most wonderful news…a baby boy!!! Love, Mom

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