A Little Update

So, we’ve been home for a week from the hospital and things are just okay.  I’d give it a “C” overall.

The first few days were spent figuring out a new routine at the house.  Making sure he was comfortable, getting into a routine with pain medication and adjusting to doing the IV medication in bed.  We were optimistic that the follow up appointments would bring great news this week, but they ended up being rather disappointing.

We met with the orthopedist on Monday who was unhappy with the swelling and proceeded to drain another 90 cc’s of fluid from the knee right there in the office.  I think we’re six for six on draining the knee during these visits.  It’s so painful for Chris, and even though it helps with the swelling and takes away some of the pain, it’s no fun for him.  We won’t see him again for another three weeks barring any further complications or additional swelling/pain.

Here he is taking his wheels for a spin going to see the doctor:

On Monday, he also had to do more blood work.  Hooray, he’s a vampire!!  He’s become such a pro with the blood giving these days.  He even tells the nurse the best veins to use and he’s usually right.

Those two appointments wiped him out on Monday.  Understandable if you ask me.

I kind of went back to work this week as well.  I’m incredibly lucky to have a job I can do pretty much anywhere, so I have been juggling working from home with a few hours in the office over the past few days.

Wednesday we were really looking forward to the appointment with the infectious disease doctor because we were getting back the lab work and would find out if the antibiotics are working and if he is progressing.  Long story short:  The doc wasn’t happy with how the test results came back.  His white blood cell count went up, not down, and his liver enzymes are elevated.  Just not what we expected at all, and quite honestly, it was just disappointing.  I so wanted to hear great news, that the antibiotics were killing the crap out of the infection, and that we are on the up and up.  Instead, it was just UGH.  Doc just said we need to be patient and we’ll reevaluate at next weeks appointment.

Then, the nurses cleaned up his picc line to get us through another week.  Again, UGH.  It’s just not fun.

Oh yeah, he had physical therapy on Wednesday which went well.  He’ll be doing that three times a week for the next few weeks as he works to improve his mobility.

Late on Wednesday evening, the infectious disease doctor called us after reviewing his labs further,  and he explained that he wanted Chris to have an ultrasound of his liver to rule out any infection today.  I suppose this is a direct result of the elevated enzymes in his blood work.  We went this morning to get that done and don’t have the results back yet.  At least he represented DC well in NC.  :)

Someone is ready for football, no?  We’re thinking of pimping out his walker.  Any ideas?

Today, we got another fun surprise in my mail from some of my family.  Crumbs cupcakes!  ZOMG, so delicious, and after a bleh day yesterday, they really lifted our spirits.  They are just so cute and pretty.  We also got some chocolate covered oreos AND an edible arrangement of awesome fruit earlier this week.  Thank you so much for the thoughtful treats you guys!  :)

My parents are currently en route to NC where they will spend the weekend, and my mom will stay through Labor Day.  It will be such a relief to have some help and additional support over the next ten days, and I am so grateful.

That’s about it for now.  Fingers crossed for good test results from the liver ultrasound, and even better test results for next weeks upcoming lab work.

Hope all is well in your world.  :)


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