Day Five

It’s amazing how being in a hospital can become sort of a time warp.  The days are all starting to blend together and it’s becoming one big blur.

This morning, I was anxious to create our plan for the day:

Blergh.  We weren’t too successful with todays plan, so that was kind of a bummer.  Basically, the only things that were accomplished were #1, #5 and #6.  We never made it outside for a walk (pain is high today, and physical therapy is making him sore), the PICC line is being placed tomorrow, and we couldn’t find playing cards to play Gin Rummy.  I think tomorrow’s list is going to have to be a little more attainable, with number one being GO HOME!!

Chris’ parents arrived today which has been a big help to me.  I was able to go home and clean up the house and do some stuff to get ready for him to come home, so that was great.  It was just a relief to know that he wasn’t at the hospital alone.

Tonight, we had a little visitor which was unexpected and completely heart warming.  I opened the door after we were finished eating dinner, and Gus was standing right outside of the door.

We talked to Gus and his owner for about 10 minutes and it was just a really sweet experience.

Instead of making our way outside for a walk, we hit the halls instead.

Check out Chris’ new wheels:

Sexy, right?

It’s been tough watching him go through all of this.  The infection is still in his knee, so he has pain that continues from that, plus he’s still recovering from surgery and is also dealing with being sore from physical therapy.  It’s just been so much, and I can’t believe we have been here for five days.

We were talking this morning about how this all sort of feels so surreal.  We have no concept of time, weather, day of the week…there is a world going on outside of his room and we’re not really part of it.  It’s so bizarre.  It has been incredibly overwhelming, these past few days…I just have to remember to take really deep breaths sometimes to get through the hours.   His neighbors have come and gone and here we sit.  It’s frustrating.

The rumor is that he’s going to get his long-term IV put in in the morning and then hopefully, he’s going to get released.  Doc wants to double-check the knee to make sure the swelling and pain are under control, and he may have to drain it again to make him a little more comfortable, but hopefully not.

Fingers and toes crossed that we get to taste freedom sooner than later.


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