Day Four

This morning, I got to the hospital just before 7am.  I had a weird feeling that it would be a weird day, and I was right.  Chris wasn’t his usual chipper self when I walked into the room, and it kind of broke my heart a little bit.  I tried to be optimistic and envision a good day, so I came up with the plan for the day:

These little plans for each day have really boosted our spirits, and I love that Chris takes them seriously.  I wrote down the plan for Sunday after I was the big empty space on the board, and really, it was just a reminder to us to make each day better than the previous day.  Anyway, Chris is funny about the stuff I put on the board and today when he made the physical therapist laugh (number three on the list), he immediately yelled “THAT COUNTS!!”  And just for the record, we completed all of the tasks above, today.  :)

Best part of the day?  Right here:

Yep, that’s right.  Out of the gown and into his favorite tshirt, and eventually, a walk outside.  God, it felt nice to be in some sunshine and breathing some fresh air.  That lasted for about 10 minutes before the IV machine (Jethro) got mad. We had to walk through the hospital with alarms beeping like a mac truck, so that was a show, but it ended up being good because they said he didn’t need to be hooked up to the fluids anymore because he’s eating and drinking.  He only has to be hooked up when it’s time for antibiotics.  Whoo hoo, freeeeeedom!!

The rest of our walks today were spent indoors, pacing the halls of this wing of the hospital.  He would touch the wall at the end of the hall and we’d high-five and head back to the room, making sure to stop for a strawberry ice cream cup on the way.  As crappy as all of this has been, we’ve definitely created some lasting and unique memories, I think.

Rumor has it that he’s going to get sprung on Thursday.  They’re going to place a long-term IV in his arm so that he can go home but still receive IV antibiotics.  How strange is that?  Sometimes, we step back and just say “how the hell did we get here?”  It’s so foreign to us.  When the doctor first explained it to us, it was pretty overwhelming, but now we understand it a lot better and it’s definitely the right thing to do to make sure the infection goes away completely.  He’ll have to be on these IV antibiotics for six weeks (INSANE) and then hopefully we’ll be home free.  I’m just thankful that technology like this exists because it means he can come home.  A nurse will come by and teach me how to hook up the antibiotics once a day, but from everything I’ve heard, it’s pretty easy and should have minimal impact on our lives once we’re all setup and comfortable with everything.

As long as each day is better than the last, things are looking up for us over here.


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