32 Years Without Star Wars

Hold on to your butts, friends, I’m about to get all Star Wars up in here.

My childhood involved a lot of great things, but Star Wars was not one of them.  I know, I know, it’s basically Un-American to be Star Wars ignorant, but, it is what it is.  A few weeks ago, I actually confronted asked my parents why I had never seen it, and my mom gave me a pretty simple answer:

“I tried.  You weren’t interested,” she said.

Fair enough, I suppose.  Apparently my busy five-year old self thought riding her bike and playing tag was more important than sitting through a bunch of movies about outer space.

Anyway, I was never interested in my entire life.  Never.  I knew who some of the characters were, and I could recall some pivotal scenes  just because they’re part of move history and you kind of can’t escape them, but other than that, I had zero knowledge.  I knew Yoda was green and spoke backward, and there were some cute robots and a guy with an evil dad, but seriously, that was kind of it.

Hold onto your butts some more, friends:   I didn’t know Harrison Ford was in the movies.  OMG, life fail.  I’m so embarrassed.   As soon as I saw him, I remembered, but ummm, yeah.  This is how limited my knowledge is.  Don’t you judge me.

We’ve spent the last two nights watching Star Wars in the order it was released.  I’ve felt like a wide-eyed child, with my mind blown over such a magical story.  I was almost jumping on the couch last night when Chris was giving me clues as to what character was coming up in the next scene (it was Chewbacca), I kept asking when the Ewoks and Yoda were showing up, and I wondered why Han Solo was so grumpy.  After the first movie (we’re watching it in the order it was released, so we started with Episode IV), I was hooked.  I still don’t know the whole story, so DO NOT RUIN IT FOR ME.  But, I will tell you that even though I already knew Darth Vader was Lukes father, I still felt like this after watching the Empire Strikes Back tonight:

I am in awe of the humor and the genuineness of the characters.  I love R2D2 for his funny and quirky sounds, C3PO for his matter of fact delivery, Han for his bad attitude, Yoda for his laugh, Chewie for his roar, and Luke for his bravery.   I love the incredible imagination that goes into the stories (seriously, who came up with the names, the way the characters look, the planes, the planets), and I love how wholesome and just….magical it is.


After 32 years on the planet, I’m finally a fan.  Amazing it is.


4 thoughts on “32 Years Without Star Wars

    • I’m not a big movie person, either. It’s worth it to sit down and watch them, even if just little by little. They’re good!!! Promise on MODG!

  1. Finally!!! I have a great deal more respect for your huzby because he actually got you to watch. Classic good. Love, Mom

  2. I had it on not long ago and am amazed at how fresh it still feels. It doesn’t look dated at all.

    Once you’re done with the movies, start reading the books. There’s a great big universe out there. :)

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