Olympic Thoughts

Have you guys been glued to the Olympics all week like us?  It’s the best, right?

While I love all of the sports going on, there have been a few things that have bugged.

1.  I hate that the flame is hidden in the stadium.  Can you imagine going to the games and not having a ticket to an event at that venue and NOT being able to see the flame?!

2.  NBC is just…ugh.  Their coverage often feels like we’re watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and it’s just, ugh.

3.  Why are there so many empty seats?  Did you hear about the ticketing problems?  Such a bummer.

4.  I know nobody can control the weather, but London itself just isn’t screaming summer games to me.  Women’s volleyball in 55 degree weather?  Yikes.  Also, the rain.

Nothing screams “Summer Games” more than spectators in long sleeves with umbrellas.

Anyway, on the highlights:

1.  Gabby Douglas!  Did you know her last name is an anagram?!  It spells USA GOLD.  BOOM!

2.  Phelps becoming the best Olympian EVER, obvs.


3.  Allison Schmitt and Missy Franklin.  These two are so talented and so cute – how can you not love them?!



Other great things:

Olympic Divers on Toilets

The best names at the Olympics

Olympic sports that should be combined

A gold medal winner takes the subway – awesomeness ensues

Olympians who post pictures on twitter

Amazing multiple exposure shots of athletes in action

Medal Count Map

A backstage tour of Olympic Park

Where the Athletes hang out

Lastly, our dog is not a fan of Olympic Trampoline


Have a great Saturday!



3 thoughts on “Olympic Thoughts

  1. okay, Hunter wins…that was hilarious…well, that and the toilets…hunter and the toilets…well and maybe the best names…it is such a great games…and now we get to sit back and watch USA tear it up in T&F!!!!

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