Olympics Entertainment & a Giveaway!

Did you guys have a good weekend?  We spent ours cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping and watching the Olympics.  I’m trying to be as ready as possible for Chris’ knee surgery on Wednesday, and am feeling pretty good about where we stand now that all of the house cleaning and errands are finished!

Watching the Olympics this weekend has been so entertaining.  I’ve found the most entertainment in fencing and water polo, surprisingly.  I still enjoy the obvious marquee events like gymnastics and swimming, but the more underrated sports have been just as exciting, if not more exciting!  The fencers crack me up with their enthusiasm every single point.

Image via Zimbio

With all of this sports watching, I’m anxious to start working out again.  I’ll admit that it’s been hard to keep up with working out when my partner has been injured.  I know that’s a horrid excuse, I just lost all motivation when Chris got his bum knee.  One of the things I’d like to do most in the coming months, is yoga.  I’m on the prowl for a good yoga deal via groupon or living social.  Let me know if you guys know of good locations in the Raleigh area!

I recently downloaded a new app called SlimKicker to help get me more motivated.  Have you guys heard of this?  It’s so neat and dare I say, FUN!

SlimKicker is a calorie counter AND game (kind of like Livestrong) that turns your fitness and food goals into a game with points and rewards!  How cool is that?  You collect points by tracking your healthy calories and food and then finishing personal challenges, like quitting pizza for a specific amount of time.  You can even upload a photo of your personal reward (a movie you want to see, a cheat food, a tasty beer, an iPad, whatever you want!), and they’ll remind you to give yourself the reward when you reach a specific amount of points!  Bonus?  They have a calorie count database of foods, too!  I love interactive tools like this  Eating right and working out is a challenge in itself, so I think it’s a great  idea  to put some fun and prizes into the mix.

Speaking of prizesSlimKicker would love to reward one of YOU with a handy-dandy heart rate and calorie monitor!

How to win:

Leave a comment (comment bubble is up near the top of this post) with your suggestion of a fun, creative fitness or diet challenge!  Try to make it 1-2 sentences!  On Monday, August 6th, the kind folks at SlimKicker will pick their favorite comment to determine the winner.  U.S. Residents only.

Good Luck!!


10 thoughts on “Olympics Entertainment & a Giveaway!

  1. Let me try this again! I really want to watch fencing, but I don’t know if I will be able to catch it live. I will check out the app and see what footage I can watch. We have been watching a lot of swimming, which is great, except when I don’t realize it is a qualifier race – I get all excited about who won and then get all irritated when Karl tells me it’s only a qualifier. GRRRRRRRR

    As far as creative diet challenges, my favorite one is to challenge myself to put more than 5 different colors on my plate. This generally involves loading up on veggies and fruits and laying off the “whites” (aka carbs). I love poking around a good produce section to figure out what fun, colorful veggies are out there.

    As for a creative fitness challenge, I challenge myself to swim laps based on how much TV I watch. I have to swim at least 16 laps for every hour of TV I watch. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but I am out of shape!! So if I watch three hours of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I must swim at least 48 laps. Darn you RHONJ marathon!!

  2. What a neat giveaway! Hm. It would be cool if there was a way to get stretches or exercises of the day via an app. I am pretty boring about my workouts (mostly running) but try to experiment with different stretches and non-equipment cardio I find via pins on Pinterest and stuff like that, and since I always have my phone when I work out, it would be great to look up references for ideas. Or, for interval runs, being able to listen to my own music, and have beeps or chimes signal when its time to sprint vs jog, etc.

  3. I’m an on-again/off-again dieter and exerciser… the elliptical in my basement is gathering dust as I type. With two small kids I have plenty of excuses not to exercise in my down time at home, SO I try to challenge myself to walk as much as I can during the work day and take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. It’d be cool to be able to compete with a few of my work girlfriends via an app where we could see who had logged the most steps at any given time. A little friendly competition is the biggest motivator for me. Well, that, and a photoshopped picture of me of what I could look like in a size 6 bikini ;)

    Portion control is also one of my biggest set backs (especially when it comes to desserts!) so, I use smaller plates at dinner so I don’t load up and over do it. I also try to drink a glass or two of water before I order a meal out so I don’t go crazy with ordering everything on the menu!

  4. I just started training for a 10K using Active.com. It sends you an email every morning with your run for the day and allows you to keep track of your progress. It’s very inspirational because you can see other people doing the same training and give each other a ‘high-five’ for encouragement. I’m not the best runner and I’ve accomplished my goal of running a 5K. Next on the list is a 10K then a 1/2. It’s so empowering to accomplish my goals, one step at a time!

  5. The BEST diet “Challenge” I have ever done was when my husband and I tried a Vegan Month. While staying Vegan didn’t stick – it IS a lot of work – we discovered SO many delicious new recipes. We still make the butternut squash mac and “cheese” all the time; it’s delicious. And the best part about it is you can eat all you want and the fat content is nearly nil.

    Fitness Challenge: Try something new! Take a new class once a week. I challenged myself to take adult ballet classes – something I had NEVER done – and bought a 10 class pack to force myself to continue to attend. The first class I felt so lost that I felt like leaving in tears half way through. But even after just one class I felt so much more confident. And it’s amazing how much work a ballet class is. It’s not cardio intensive, but I always left having worked up a sweat. I’ve heard that Barre classes are also great. I tried capoeira once, and THAT was a trip…. It was a lot of fun, but INCREDIBLY difficult. Once you try one or two new classes of a different variety a week for about a month (especially if you try two a week), you’ll be more in-tune with what you love! When you find an activity you love; you’re going to go back!

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  7. I think a good workout/diet challenge would just to have someone to be accountable to!! Writing everything down makes a HUGE difference and if you have someone to check in on you, you will be more truthful. I am currently loving myfitnesspal.com. It let’s you track calories consumed and burned and you can add your friends so they can see everything you eat to. As my friend Susan said, using this will make you think twice about having that cookie :)

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  9. I try to incorporate lots of challenges to keep things interesting like Meatless Monday, No Sugar during the week and the hardest for me…. the 3-day Juice Cleanse.

    My husband and I try to motivate each other to get to the gym and usually if one of us just says “it’ll only be 30 minutes. We can do anything for 30 minutes” … it seems to get us out the door and we end up staying longer.

    Also – just having the Olympics on every night has been inspiring! I’ve been getting off the couch and practicing my ribbon dancing, hammer throw and gymnastics floor routines ; ) My husband seems to like the sideshow.

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