Sports & Shrimp

Have you guys been enjoying the Olympics?  We have been glued to the TV all day and have enjoyed every single second of it immensely.

We started the morning watching all six hours of the cycling road race.  Yes, six hours.  We recorded the live feed at 3am, so while NBC was on a major delay, we tuned into what we recorded to catch the action.  I actually really enjoyed watching the cycling, and I hate that NBC is choosing to show the big stuff in primetime.  We’ve been peeking into certain events online because we just don’t want to wait for the syndicated version.

I know this is the worst quality picture, ever, (that’s what happens when you take a picture of your TV), but omg, this made us laugh:

Speaking of laughing, this list of the best names in the Olympics had us crying with laughter last night.  Please read the list – it’s the best.

The rest of our day today was spent watching fencing (the Italians were so animated and entertaining), volleyball, swimming, archery, rowing, table tennis, badminton, handball, and mens doubles tennis.  I’m sure I’m forgetting about six other things – we’re on overload. One big thing I’ve noticed today?  At at lot of the events with spectator stands, there are a lot of empty seats.  What’s up with that?

I finally pulled myself off the couch to try a new recipe for dinner this evening.   Because what’s more American than a big plate of cooked spinach and Shrimp in Hoisin sauce?  ;)

The meal was meh, but that’s because I’m weird about texture.  My husband loved it and inhaled it, so trust me when I say it was me, and not the recipe.  When I cooked the shrimp, they got a lot smaller than I expected, and I’m not the type to usually plow through a plate of shrimp for my meal.  I like it, just in small quantities.  Also, I usually love spinach like it’s my job, but I struggled to choke it down.  It was too strong for me tonight.  The strawberries were delicious, though.


Recipe is here.


One thought on “Sports & Shrimp

  1. Not sure if you caught Disiree Hooker KILLED it in volleyball today…nobody can mess with her!

    Try sauteing spinach in garlic olive oil, salt and pepper…always good. Thing about organic veggies is they don’t last long so you gotta use them up. The shrimp recipe looked yummy! You’re right, you’ve always had this thing about texture.

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