The Challenging Side of Life

When we decided to move to Raleigh in March, I think I envisioned the “All American Dream.”  I know for me, I pictured a slower pace, a cute town filled with southern charm and nice people, less traffic, more affordability, and better quality of life in general.  Living in the suburbs of Washington, DC without federal jobs or making six figures was hard.  Being newlyweds, we naturally wanted to build the best life that we could, but as time passed, that became harder and harder to do everyday.  I’ve met so many people who live here who are transplants from DC or NYC who all moved here for the exact same reason:  Better quality of life & lower cost of living.  I absolutely think that we made the right decision – no question, but I’d be lying if I said it’s been sunshine, rainbows and unicorns since we got here.

I love North Carolina.  I love it so much here, but we’ve had a rough go of it almost since day one, and it hasn’t been as picture perfect as we imagined.  In fact, life has thrown us some seriously difficult curve balls in the past 4.5 months, and we’re ready to stop striking out and finally knock one out of the park.

Chris had to undergo two emergency root canals the first month we lived here (um, we could have bought a used car for the amount of money that cost), then his truck died (we were gifted a vehicle after his truck died, so we’re grateful, but that needed repairs as well — cha-ching!) and now Chris’ knee has gone out.  It’s scary, I have to admit.  I sometimes find myself thinking “would this have happened if we never moved,” and I always go back to the answer that it would have happened no matter what.  There is no way we could have predicted the future and known what was going to happen – no way.  I wish we could have, but life happens and I’m grateful we were brave enough to pursue something like living somewhere new and building up our life together.

We’re in the midst of a lot of unknowns right now.   But I have to keep my mind clear and remember that bad days do not equal a bad life.  This is all so temporary and we will figure it out.  My biggest priority is getting Chris’ knee issue resolved and getting him healthy again.  If we have to live on one income temporarily, that’s okay.   We’re lucky we have a savings and cheap rent and can swing it for a month or two.

I overshare a lot of my life.  I know this, and this is my choice.  If I overshare the fun and the positive, why should I be ashamed of difficult times that are no fault of our own?  I shouldn’t.  Life is tough and we move on.  The difficulties, challenges and roadblocks are temporary; It’s how we handle the crap life throws at us and how we react that are more important.

I’m confident in our decision to live here.  I’m confident that things will get better.  I’m confident that we will get to that destination we believe in so much, and most importantly, I’m confident in the love that I have for my husband and that we will get through this together.


3 thoughts on “The Challenging Side of Life

  1. you might over share your life – but you forget to give yourself the credit for courage and fearlessness which to me is the ultimate goal – you both moved out of here on to a more desired life actualizing your dreams which is more than we can say. Your last paragraph is all that matters. Your intentions on how you choose to come out on the other end is what is ultimately your destiny.

    btw thanks for sharing – we usually comment on the highlights of our life and end up comparing ourselves to others highlights. this is good to know that everyone struggles and fights for the good life they have

  2. Thank you so much, Nida! Yes, everyone struggles and we all roll with what life gives us. There are good times and challenging times, and your’e right, we tend to focus on the joy and not the frustration. It’s hard to admit defeat or hurdles that we come across in life, but I’m so glad you can appreciate what I’m saying! :) Thank you so much for your positive energy – it means a lot! :)

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