FMM – Finish the Sentence


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FMM: Finish the Sentence

I like…pedicures, reading, professional massages, concerts, hockey, and being with my friends and family.

I don’t like…feeling helpless.

I am…grateful for all that I have, and optimistic for what’s to come.

I love…my husband, my family and my job.  I also love Keihls, Butter London and Lush, but I thought that’d be too much love.  :)

I dream of…owning a single family home where we can raise a family.

I wonder…if life will get easier, or if we’ll continue to be thrown down the gauntlet. 

I know…we’ll buy our dream house in the next year.

I went…to three elementary schools, three middle schools, three high schools, and three colleges.

I have…an incredible support system.

I think…people should read on a regular basis.  It’s amazing what you can learn by opening a book.

I plan…on doing something special to celebrate our one year anniversary.

I regret…nothing.  I try not to regret anything and just learn from experiences.

I do…believe that I’m incredibly lucky to have married my best friend.

I drink…water most of the time.  

I wish…I could sleep better.

I am not…a lemming.

I need…to get my ass to the gym more frequently.

I hope…to get to the beach at least once this summer.

I want…a new, California King size bed.  

I sometimes…get ridiculously over emotional.  Then again, don’t we all?  Just me?  Ok.

I always…wait until I’m on empty to fill up my gas tank.

I can…drive stick shift.

I cannot…imagine my life without my husband.

I will…own a really nice camera, take my husband to Germany, and be a mom.  One day!

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