Free Brunch + A Movie Marathon

How does one spend a weekend with a husband who can’t really move but is itching to get out of the house?  Well, free brunch followed by a movie marathon at home, of course!

We have been stalking the opening of a new breakfast place that’s opening soon near our house, and this morning I called Another Broken Egg Cafe to see if they were open (this is the part where I actually get my husband out of the house).  I was bummed when the girl said that their grand opening wasn’t until Monday, but then, she told me they were doing training today, and we could have breakfast on them as their servers finalize their training!  What?!  Free breakfast?!  Sign us up!

I was really pleased with our experience and it’s a place that we definitely will visit again.  It had a really cozy vibe with a lot of natural light and a splash of color.  The menu had a great variety, they had lattes, and the service was good.  Our server said that an appetizer was included, two entrees, and dessert.  Oh my….that was a lot for our 10:30 breakfast.

I believe that the cafe originated in Louisiana, so of course for our appetizer, we had to go with the Beignets.  They were served with a honey marmalade and were ridiculously silly delicious.  I don’t think I’d order these again as an appetizer just because they were incredibly filling, but wow, they were pretty incredible.

I got a omlette was which a major departure for me (I usually go for a waffle with scrambled eggs), but it was a hit.  Mine was filled with fresh avocado and bacon and topped with Monterey jack cheese, while Chris got a scramble filled with bacon, onions, mushrooms and cheese.  I have to point out that I also got a side of grits which were delicious.  Grits can be totally hit or miss and they were definitely a hit.


After I polished off my latte and just over half of the omelette, our waitress brought us warm banana bread pudding.  I’m not a big bread pudding fan, but it was pretty good.  I only had two bites, but Chris was a big fan.

Since the cafe was going through all of the official motions, our waitress dropped off the bill just to give us an idea of what future visits would look like.

Like I said, we wouldn’t order an appetizer at breakfast again, and with a latte costing $3.79, I’d probably just do regular coffee (even though the latte was really, really good), and obviously we’d skip dessert at breakfast.  Overall, I’d be happy to spend around $20 for breakfast at a place like Another Broken Egg, so I’m confident we’ll be back.  In fact, my parents are visiting us next weekend, so there’s about 100% chance we’ll be going next weekend.  :)

Over breakfast, we decided that being out for that hour was enough for Chris and that the day would best be spent renting some movies we’ve been wanting to see and just resting.  Literally, we’ve watched three movies today and have one more to watch tonight.  It’s been a good day and I’m proud of Chris for parking it and just resting his knee.

I really liked “Goon,” I was disappointed in “New Years Eve,” “Mission Impossible was good,” and “Contraband” is yet to be determined, though I love Mark Wahlberg and am confident he won’t disappoint.

While we were comfortable on the couch, Hunter made himself comfortable in the chair:

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I’m finally making dinner (It’s almost 8pm, that brunch really stuck with us), and then we’re off to watch our last movie of the day!


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