So I know I’m really late on the uptake over here, but tonight, Chris and I watched the documentary, “Freakonomics.”  Five minutes into the movie, I was riveted.  I think working for an analytical software company has opened me up to thinking more and more about data, but the way they put things together was truly fascinating.

The movie is based on the book that came out in 2004, and the movie came out a number of years ago, though I only recently heard about it (the movie, not the book).  Contrary to what you might believe, I do not live under a rock.  Also, I never actually read the book, even though it was totally on my “to read” list eight years ago.

Anyway, if you’re into fascinating shit, then I definitely think you should watch this movie.  It really gives you an interesting perspective, and Chris and I found ourselves pausing it throughout, and discussing our own hypothetical situations based on the scenarios that were presented.  Now I definitely want to read the book.


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