The One with the Knee

This is how our weekend began:

Sigh.  All of those supplies are because Chris woke up with a knee looking a whole lot of swollen:

It’s bad.  He can barely walk, and he winces when he moves which is unheard of for a tough guy (that gnarly scar is from breaking his kneecap a few years ago, also, he tore his ACL on that same knee).   This all started a month ago with a simple sprain.  He’s followed it up with physical therapy and has been doing well, but then overnight, it’s like an army of pain invaded his knee.

Unfortunately, the doctor he has been seeing is out of town, so we had to scramble to find a new doctor.  On a Friday. In the midst of a holiday week.  With a shitty insurance network with limited providers.  Thankfully, we lucked out and found a wonderful doctor who was able to get us in this afternoon, and I’m glad we did, because it would have been bad news for him to go through the weekend like this.

Anyway, long story short:  They drained his knee to alleviate some of the pain caused by the swelling and fluid.  See that giant needle below?  Yeah, they stuck that in his leg and drained 70 cc’s which came out to one full syringe and almost half of a second syringe.  Sick nasty.

Diagnosis?  Unsure.  They sent the fluid to the lab to check for Gout (Gout?!  WTF!  I thought Gout was reserved for old people), so we should have those results back early next week.  The second thought is that he could have a damaged/torn meniscus.  This would be absolutely worst case because it would require surgery.  If we didn’t have a crap benefit plan and he had unlimited paid time off, it would be a non issue, but since we barely have health insurance, it sucks.   No matter what, we’ll make it work to make him better, but in moments like this, I get so frustrated with health insurance in this country.

This weekend, we wait.  He’ll kick back and elevate the knee with lots of ice and prescription anti-inflamatory medicine, as well as a side of vicodin as needed.   I’m doing my best to make him comfy on the couch, but truth be told, he’s in pain, and nothing is really helping.

We’ll see how the weekend goes, wait for the lab results, and if necessary, he’ll have an MRI in the next few weeks (once we go through the insurance red tape) to check for a torn meniscus if his condition hasn’t improved.

Think of us.  This is a tough time with the limited benefit plan we currently have.

Positive thoughts, positive thoughts, positive thoughts.


One thought on “The One with the Knee

  1. Oh no! Did this happen after you and I chatted yesterday morning?? So sorry you guys are going through this. Insurance can be so frustrating! My prayers and thoughts are with you guys, and tell Chris I hope he feels better. Did his sister and bro-in-law still come down?

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