Happy Birthday, America

July 4th was festive this year and I quite thoroughly enjoyed having a day off in the middle of the week.  Though I do have to be honest, it felt like a weekend and was really difficult to go back to work this morning.  Nevertheless, we made the best of Independence Day in our new town!

We started our morning at the pool, then we made some dessert kabobs for the July 4th cookout we were going to, which by the way, were a hit, contrary to what Chris predicted.  :)

Around dinnertime, we geared up to go to a cookout in Raleigh.  We were a little nervous about our plans for the holiday since we’re so new to the area, but my coworker invited us to her sister’s house for the evening and we were so happy to go over there to meet new people and watch the fireworks.

All in all, a pretty great Independence Day in Raleigh.  :)


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, America

  1. I love the pictures! So fun! I also might have to try those kabobs, or maybe just make rice crispie treats…that is what was on the end, right? Anyway, put it all together and yum yum yum. 6 more days!!!

  2. Yep! Blueberries, strawberries, red grapes, marshmallows & rice crispie treats. They were a hit and super easy to make! :)

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