Keeping it Cool

I don’t know what’s going on in the world right now, but between the fires in Colorado, the vicious storms that blew through the mid-atlantic and the ridiculous heat here in Raleigh, I’m ready for things to resume to normal.

Basically, our day looked like this:

After a morning filled with running errands in the 105 degree heat, we made a splash at our community pool for a few hours this afternoon, soaking in some vitamin D and enjoying the cool water.

The highlight of the day however, is that our animals are now eating better food than the humans in this house.  Behold, Blue Buffalo:

Hunter’s ears have been a problem for as long as I can remember, and after a recent trip to the vet to update his shots, the doc recommended a change in diet as a test to see if the problems are related to a food allergy.  He doesn’t have it too rough, he just continually gets ear infections, no matter where we live or what we do.  Ultimately, we end up at the vet getting a prescription for special eardrops and antibiotics, so we’re hopeful that this new food will do the trick.

Seriously, I know this I’m just talking about dog food, but he’s eating fish and sweet potatoes, which is great for him.  Animal by-products (the feet, beaks, bones, etc) from poultry or beef in pet food is #1. gross, but #2. so bad for them, so I’m actually pretty happy about feeding him better quality food.  Does it get better than whitefish, sweet potatoes, whole carrots, peas, cranberries, blueberries, oatmeal and kale!?  WTF, Hunter, you lucky dog?!

Not to be outdone, I immediately swapped Delilah’s cardboard cat food for Salmon and Brown Rice.  Not exaggerating when she went bonkers for the nom noms when I opened the bag.  Pretty soon, they’re both going to think they live at the Ritz.  Whatever, dudes, if it fixes the ear problem, it’s worth it.

Tomorrow is Christmas in July, which is better known as NHL Free Agency Day which is also known as the day that my husband becomes completely worthless and is sucked into the television all day is huge for hockey fans.  Should be an interesting day as a fan, especially with one of our best players up for grabs.

Hope you’re making the best of your weekend!


One thought on “Keeping it Cool

  1. We feed Vito Blue Buffalo too- he just gets the large dog formula usually (orange bag), but this time we got him fish. He looooves that shit.

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