Colorado Heartbreak

Have you guys been following the fires in Colorado Springs?  It’s devastating.

I called Colorado Springs home for three years.  I have so many great and wonderful memories of my time in Colorado and it’s so heartbreaking to see the pictures come out as the fires rage across the mountains.  It’s hard to think that the rest of the world continues as the city is faced with flames and smoke.

Imagine if this were your home:

I can’t even process what my friends who are in Colorado are dealing with right now.  The uncertainty of the wind, the lack of rain, and the helplessness that they are surely feeling.

I’m not a person who prays frequently, but Colorado, I’m praying for you.  I’m sending the most positive thoughts I can to a place I lovingly called home for a wonderful time in my life, and I’m hoping for nothing but the best.


One thought on “Colorado Heartbreak

  1. This is indeed tragedy of epic proportions. I too have great memories there. The beautiful landscapes, now gone. I know that fires can occasionally be a good thing, part of mother nature and the evolution of the earth, but these fires are truly epic, and with the winds, they are spreading too fast for firefighters to keep up. Scary times. Sending all good thoughts their way.

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