Unplanned Family Fun

You know that time you get off of work on Friday and expect to have a low key weekend with your husband, but then you talk to your parents on Friday night and they ask what the plan is for the weekend, and you’re like, what, you don’t live here, why do you care, and they’re all like, helloooo, we’re visiting this weekend.  Right.  THAT HAPPENED this weekend.  Bwahahahahaha.  I thought my parents were visiting next weekend, but they were here on Saturday before noon.  Boom – weekend fun, coming right up.

We met my dads brother, his wife, Kat and their son, Jackson for lunch on Saturday.  They live in North Raleigh and it was really good to see them since we actually haven’t seen them since we moved here in March.  Oops.  We talked and laughed and caught up and it was great times.

After lunch, my parents wanted to see the area that we want to buy a home in eventually, so we drove down there and checked out some neighborhoods and model homes.  Also, I stumbled upon my dream kitchen:

I know, right?

After hours and hours of tooling around town in the 90 degree heat, we were starving and ready for dinner.  My dad has been talking about the Angus Barn ever since we moved here, so we headed over there for some good eats.  We’ve heard about the restaurant for a long time and the food didn’t disappoint.  However, I will say overall, I wasn’t that impressed.

We didn’t have a reservation, so we ended up in the more casual lounge (same food, just more of a bar feeling) at a high top cocktail table.   It took a while to get service, they only had two menus and the service was just kinda meh.  We all had the filet and it was really, really good, but honestly, I don’t think I would go back.  It got incredibly crowded, loud and really, I think it’s overpriced (thanks for footing the bill, mom & dad!!!) .  In the future, I’d go to Firebirds if we were craving a good steak.  I’m glad we went for the experience, but that was probably our first and last trip.

By the time we got home, we were exhausted, so we laid out on the couch and watched The Dream Team on ESPN.  Have you guys seen that documentary about the 1992 Mens Olympic Basketball team?  SO GOOD!  After that, I jumped into bed reading to read a book that’s currently making me laugh out loud:

This is one of those books that I never want to end.  It’s so, so, so funny.

This morning, we went to Brigs (obv) for breakfast, did a little grocery shopping and then hung out at the house until we were ready for lunch.  We headed to Chapel Hill to try out Southern Rail, and I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere.  It’s a bunch of old train cars with some decks in between and it was awesome.  Chris was disappointed in his lackluster burger, but my BLT on Texas Toast with a Fullsteam Carver was basically the perfect meal.

After lunch, we had to go back to Maple View Farm for some homemade ice cream since it was so close, and again, it didn’t’ disappoint.

While my dad, Chris and I were enjoying our ice cream, my mom was busy making a friend:

God, she makes me laugh.  Who makes friends with the balloon-man clown?  Only my mother.

The rest of our afternoon was spent strolling down Franklin Street, where I’m pretty sure someone is transforming into a Tarheel fan.  :)

Such a fun weekend with the fam – love it when that happens.  :)


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