FMM – Sleeping Habits

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FMM: Bedroom Habits

1. Do you set an alarm clock? If so, for what time?   Yep!  It goes off at 6:38 and then I snooze for ten minutes.

2. How many hours of sleep do you get on an average night?  7 hours, give or take.

3. Do you bring your laptop to bed?   Sometimes I do, if I have a lot of blog catching up to do.  Otherwise, I just read before sleeping.

4. How many pillows do you require to sleep? Two.

5. Do you sleep with socks on?   No, no, no.

6. How often do you change the sheets?  Every weekend, usually on Sundays.

7. Do you remember your dreams?  50/50

8. Which side of the bed do you sleep on?   Right side.  I always sleep on the far side from the door, so it could change if we’re in  a hotel or somewhere else.

9. How often do you take naps?   Pretty rarely.

10. Do you sleep soundly?  Meh.  I struggle with falling asleep, but once I’m out, I generally stay out.

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2 thoughts on “FMM – Sleeping Habits

  1. What time do you have to be at work? I would never make it by 8 a.m. if I slept until 6:50 a.m. You are the woman if you have to be at work at 8.

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