Stuff I Liked this Week

Did you guys see the flying rainbow?

Just when I thought beluga whales couldn’t get any cuter.

How to ruin a douchebag’s day.

I tried to see Venus transit the sun.  I failed because I nearly went blind.

It’s imminent. Something is happening soon.

Not sure how I feel about this yet.

Oh wow, 24 hours on an aircraft carrier

Linkin Park covers Adele.


2 thoughts on “Stuff I Liked this Week

  1. love belugas…favorite “soon” is the peeking polar bear, 24 hours on aircraft carrier was awesome…

  2. The pictures of that rainbow cloud gave me goosebumps. We just finished reading the book Heaven is for Real, and this little boy kept describing all the colors of heaven and rainbows. That is the coolest thing ever!

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