Future Home Wish List

When Chris and I bought our house in Virginia last year, our options were limited.  Because the cost of living is so expensive, houses would pop up for sale and go under contract the same day.  We were in a position where we had to decide if we liked a house enough to make an offer while we were still standing in the house.  Any delays could result in losing a potential home or ending up in a bidding war.  For the area that we lived in, our budget really limited our options.  For what we wanted, we had a whopping two options when it came time to look at homes in our budget and area.  Yikes.

Being here in North Carolina has been so refreshing after that experience.  I look at Zillow and our options are endless.  I think at last check, we had over 600 homes that met our specifications within a 20 mile radius.  What?  We’re not used to having so many options!  We have the ability to search for something that meets our needs, not settle for something just because it’s in our budget.  We are planning on seriously looking in late fall/early winter, but until then, we’re slowly driving through areas and neighborhoods, gauging what feels right, making sure we like the nearby stores, and doing research on schools.  It’s so great to not feel pressure.  It’s so great to feel like we can take our time through this process and really find something that’s right for us.

Hellooooooooooo, options!

I know we’ll never find a perfect house, but as I think about it, there are few things that I’d love:

I love a Craftsman Exterior

A screened in porch

A Side Loading Garage

A yard

A Deck

A designated Mud Room

A Soaking Tub

A Master Bedroom that is a Retreat

I know we won’t achieve everything on my wish list, but hey, a girl can dream, right?


7 thoughts on “Future Home Wish List

  1. I don’t think your wish list is too crazy. I think you can definitely get most of that, especially if you are willing to go towards N.Raleigh/Wake Forest or Holly Springs.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE Craftsman/bungalow homes!!!
    I think your list looks pretty reasonable. Even if that house doesn’t have all those things at first you can always add those things– Screened in porches, decks, soaking tubs, finished basements…. etc etc etc. :o) I love looking at Zillow and Realtor.com too :o) A girl can certainly dream. :o)

    • Regan, Hooray! That’s exciting coming from a “local”. :)

      Gena, we love realtor.com as well as zillow!

      Em, Craftsman is SUCH A THING here!! Fingers crossed we are able to find one we love! :)

  3. Where is my room gonna be? Just kidding. These homes all look very beautiful. I think it is good that you all are buying a house that you plan to keep for at least 10 years…something to grow into. I agree that you don’t have to get all that you want right up front. Part of the fun of owning a home is making it yours by doing upgrades over the years. Good list.

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