Surprise Visit!

Time flies when you’re having fun, y’all.  :)  All week last week, I had been telling Chris how I wanted to try out a sushi place near our house, and when Friday rolled around, he happily obliged and agreed to go for our date night.  Little did he know, I had a surprise waiting:  Our friends Kristina and Jeff from Maryland.

I had been talking to K & J for over a month, planning a trip for them to come down to surprise Chris and spend a weekend with us, and everything turned out perfectly.  Chris and I were walking into the restaurant when J & K came around the corner with their daughter, and Chris was stunned.  At first he only noticed the Washington Capitals hat that Jeff was wearing, then he noticed it was actually Jeff and was shocked.  He had no idea what was going on, couldn’t understand they were here for the weekend and was hilarious when he asked if they were having dinner, staying with us and hanging out for the weekend.  We got exactly zero pictures of his reaction, but that’s okay, because we took enough pictures for the rest of the weekend.  By the way, dinner wasn’t really sushi, it was habachi and it was awesome, even though I think Chris was actually kinda disappointed in missing the sushi.  Next time!

Here is Friday night in pictures.  Dinner at Ginza and arcade/putt putt fun at Frankies in Raleigh.

Saturday, we drove to Ashboro about an hour away to visit the North Carolina zoo.  It was pretty rad, I’m not going to lie.


  • Chimps walked straight to us
  • Gorgeous weather
  • Saw a baby elephant with it’s mama
  • Enormous, so people & exhibits were really spread out to reduce congestion


  • Didn’t get to hand feed the giraffes because they were too far away
  • Saw an ostrich
  • No beluga whales
  • Tram/Shuttle system is a cluster
  • Chris’ transmission died and we had to drive in 2nd gear the entire way home (more about that another time)

No lie, I’m actually sore today from walking all over creation at the zoo, but it was fun times nonetheless.

Just a handful of some of the exhibits we saw.

Humans at the zoo. :) Yes, we are all wearing Capitals t-shirts. No judging, we were "team red" at the zoo and the Caps won, so, whatever.


After we drove home in the screaming truck stuck in second gear, we watched the Caps beat the Bruins at home, and then headed to the Mellow Mushroom for some pizza and cold beers and then on to Goodberry’s for some frozen custard.

This morning, we did breakfast at Brigs, did some shopping, watched the Caps lose to Boston and then J & K headed home.  It was a super quick but fun weekend and I’m so glad we were able to surprise Chris and have a great time.  Thanks for the visit, you guys, it was great to see you!

Happy Earth Day!


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