City Market and Suburbs

This morning, we wanted to get out and see more of our new town as well as check out some potential areas to live once we’re ready to buy.  We ended up going downtown to the City Market to walk around the shops and restaurants, but honestly, it was a bust in my opinion.  I don’t know if we missed the memo or what, but when arrived at 12:30 it was like a ghost town.  There was nobody around, the restaurants were dead and I was bored out of my skull.  I was so bored that when I saw this across the street, I was actually interested:


We walked around downtown, walked through a seriously sketchy park, and then made our way over to the Capitol for some exposure to culture.

Culture experienced in approximately five minutes, y’all.

By the time we had been bored to tears seen City Market and walked to the Capitol, we were hungry and ready for some lunch.  Perhaps our best decision of the day was made when we went to the Raleigh Times Bar.  It was an amazing day, so we sat on the patio, shared a cold, German beer and ate some amazing food (chicken tacos for me, braised short ribs for him).  Loved it.

The rest of our afternoon was spent checking out some areas that we might want to buy a house eventually.  Since we’re new to the area, we need to see what fits “us” and we figured the best way to figure it out was to experience the different towns.  We went to a town just south of Raleigh called Garner, but we weren’t impressed.  It just wasn’t us.  Adjacent to Garner is a town called Holly Springs, which I think we really like.  It’s young and new and up and coming, and it just feels right.  We still have a few other areas to check out, but we’ll keep ya posted!

For my reader friends who are looking for recommendations, check out my nightstand:

Happy weekend!


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