Sunshine Funshine

After work today, I desperately needed some sunshine in my life.  Walking to the building next door to get lunch doesn’t count, so I was psyched to check out one of the Cary Greenways this afternoon.  Where I come from, a Greenway is a $5 toll road filled with cars, but here, it’s a bajillion paths that intersect and go all over town.  Today was the perfect day to check it out  – no clouds in the sky, an amazing 60 something degrees, and tons and tons of sunshine.

I walked for about 30 minutes and have no idea how far I went.  I tried to stick to trails where I knew I could find my way back so I didn’t really have a good gauge of distance.  Not to mention I totally didn’t look at a map, but whatevs.  Check out my route and amazing microsoft paint skills:

I liked this little walk, even if it was short.  Next time, I’m definitely going to read a map so I know where I’m going, but it was fun, the scenery was pretty and I thoroughly enjoyed being outside.

Hooray Spring!


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